Poet S A Hamid with Sudhir K Arora

From Desire to Desire, Ultimately via Desire to do Karma 

Prof. S. A. Hamid works as Professor of English at the Almora Campus of Kumaun University in Uttarkhand, India. The poem ' Desire, Ultimately' is from his poetry collection The Ontology of Desire, which includes new and some selected poems from his earlier poetry collections, namely— Autumn Rainbow, No Man’s Land and Desire, Ultimately. Prof. Hamid, being a poet of desire and intuition, shares his views on the role of desire in his poetry.




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Sudhir K Arora

Sudhir K. Arora (1968) teaches English at Maharaja Harishchandra P.G. College, Moradabad, affiliated to M.J.P. Rohilkhand University, Bareilly. He registered his presence as a poet with A Thirsty Cloud Cries in 2006. His poems, reviews and articles appear in journals across the globe, including Indian Literature and World Literature Today. He has authored a number of books including Aravind Adiga’s The White Tiger A Freakish Booker, Aravind Adiga’s The White Tiger: A Study, A Study of Kamala Markandaya’s Women, Multicultural Consciousness in the Novels of Kamala Markandaya, The Poetic Corpus of Stephen Gil: An Evaluation and Niranjan Mohanty: The Man and His Poetry. The voluminous critical work, Cultural and Philosophical Reflections in Indian Poetry in English in five volumes (Footprints, PathfindersSignaturesMilestones and Journey), is his magnum opus. He resides at B-72, Deendayal Nagar, Phase-2, Near Sai Temple, Moradabad-244001 (UP) India and can be contacted at drsudhirkarora@gmail.com.


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Critic Satish Kumar with Sudhir K Arora: Part ONE and TWO

sProf. Satish Kumar, a prolific writer of his age, has written a number of books including Survey of Indian English Poetry, Survey of Indian English Novel, Survey of Indian English Novel and Survey of Indian English Prose. His Survey of Indian English Novel was appreciated highly by Mulk Raj Anand. Watch these videos to know what he thinks of Indian Writing in English:




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Poet R C Shukla with Sudhir K Arora

Dr. R. C. Shukla is a very significant poet in Indian Poetry in English. He is in conversation with Sudhir K. Arora. He is frank and quite convincing in his views about Indian Poetry in English. He is not hopeful about the future of poetry in India. Why? ....to know more about him, watch this video:


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