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Creation and Criticism

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Vol. 02, Issue 04 : Jan 2017

Five Poems of O P Arora

O. P. Arora, a well-known poet, novelist and short story writer, has published five volumes of his poems, The Creeping Shadows, Embers in the Ashes, The Edge of the Cliff, Pebbles on the Shore and Whispers in the Wilderness and three novels, A Bite of Paradise, The Silken Traps and Beyond the Mists. He has to his credit two books in Hindi too—one, a novel, and the other, a collection of short stories. He has an excellent academic record and holds a Doctorate in English Literature from Panjab University, Chandigarh. He has taught in Delhi University for nearly four decades. He resides at A-2/B, 183A, Ekta Apartments, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi- 110063; and can also be contacted through email:

1. No, Not for You


Why don’t you fly away

far away, far away

from this frivolous, vicious world

hostile to your agony, mocking bird?


Your feelings here are a hostage

your desires, a bondage

your dreams, a nightmare

your quest, a foolish snare.


Not a place for the honest babes

long ago your sages too fled to the caves

only manipulating, stupid donkeys survive

minds with doors and windows shut, thrive.


A shady corner somewhere in the dark

where you can watch the petty drama of the shark

no, don’t count the images in the spectacle

or you won’t be able to enjoy the debacle.


2. Man and the Beast


They beat me ruthlessly

hit me hard, in the dark, violently

dragged me to that deep, dirty pit

drowned me into the hole, full of shit

would have covered me with the garbage

when a stray dog assailed them, taking umbrage.


They tried everything to scare away the beast

all their weapons proved useless, even their treat.

He barked into them, into the night

darkness split, clouds burst, thunderous sight

they couldn’t comprehend, his determined fight

scared by the lone warrior, they took to the flight.


He dropped into the pit, licked my face clean

raindrops, like nectar, revived my mean

dragged me out, drained out my defeat

sat by me, his hands on my feet.

He knew I would be stranded, no harm

he knew I would be ashamed, no harm…


But he didn’t know I would retire to a cave

he didn’t know I would let him down, the brave

I saw his tears, looked at myself, the clown

afraid of death, I let the devil have the crown.

Are you a man? asked the depressed beast.

No, you didn’t waste yourself, I rose to the feast.

3. Why Is It


Why is it

I always impeach and laugh, silently, sadly

gaze into the horizon, longingly, wistfully

crave to go far beyond

where the sky kisses the land

where you can see the invisible hand

where there would be emptiness

nothing but emptiness

nothing to torment me

stab my soul…?


Why is it

I would rather sit on an iceberg

blizzard raging against my kerb

than live in this fanciful jungle of humans

the feverish race

the crazy malaise

the furious, futile drive

the grabbers’ hollow hive

the rotten inners

the glitzy outers…?


Why is it

I would gladly board a sinking ship

storms raging, waves howling, tossing deathly gossip

rather than buy their hopes

their efforts to deck me in designer robes

nothing but the cursed ropes

death in life every moment

life’s agony oozing through every torment

they enjoy seeing me trapped

at every turn, Time has slapped…?


4. The Path


Bending over the creek

gazing towards the far off path

wistfully, hopefully…

Nobody has walked that path

for ages…

Now, the wild path

blurred and buried

under those memories

of the bygone era

of the youthful people

who had made promises…

You have grown old now

even if someone passes that way

you won’t know her…

And still

you bend over this creek

every time

your soul gives a shriek

and go on gazing

towards that forlorn path.


5. As I Move Away


Tall pines

majestic mountains

snowy peaks

gurgling gorge

starry skies

showers of various hues

heavenly bliss…

Away, far away


the fever and rush

the torment and crush

and them

the cause…

Beauty and truth

complementing each other

vying with each other

to bless my starved soul…

As I looked up

amazing sight!

Divinity dripping

seeping into me

through every pore

I opened my mouth heavenward

drank it to my fill

fulfilling, yet unfulfilled…


immersed in the divine melody

my soul, ecstatic, pranced around

hopped onto the mysterious sound…



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