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Sarojini Naidu


Sarojini Naidu (née Chattopadhyay; 13 February 1879 – 2 March 1949) was a feminist, poet, and political activist from India. She played a significant role in India's fight for independence from colonial rule as a supporter of civil rights, women's emancipation, and anti-imperialist beliefs. She earned literary fame for her poetic works and is affectionately called as the "Nightingale of India."


Video- 1: Sarojini Naidu appeared in the Hindi version of the Tamil film Meera (1945) to introduce M.S. Subbulakshmi to the North Indian audience.


Courtesy: National Film Archive of India


Video- 2: Sarojini Naidu Greeting Americans In 1928


Courtesy: Brut India



Kamala Das


Kamala Das (1934-2009), also known as Kamala Surayya, was a well-known Indian poet, novelist, short-story writer, essayist and autobiographer.  Her English works are best known for her honesty of confession and openness of communication. The Times called her “the mother of modern English Indian poetry” in 2009.


Video- 1: Kamala Das – Blood 


Courtesy: Merrily Weisbord


Video- 2: Kamala Das - Shirley and the British Kisses


Courtesy: Merrily Weisbord



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