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Creation and Criticism (CC) also invites latest reviews from the authors for tagging under the tab Reviews to provide the wider readership for the purpose of dissemination of knowledge across the globe.

Jan-April 2022

The Kashmir Files: Shades of Realities. Rev. by Jagdish Batra
A Promised Land by Barack Obama. Rev. by Anil Shrivastava ‘Musafir’
Thoughts in Solitude by Bhaskaranand Jha. Rev. by RK Bhushan

July-Oct 2022

Mirror from the Indus by Nibir K. Ghosh. Rev. by Shanker Ashish Dutt
A Tale of An Idiot by Rajender Toki. Rev. by Sudhir K Arora
A Noble King of Bidanuru by Basavaraj Naikar. Rev. by Jagdish Batra
Shades of Love by Dakshta Arora. Rev. by Abnish Singh Chauhan
She & Everything by Archana Rathore. Rev. by Mani Bansal
The Alchemy of Ageing by S.A. Hamid. Rev. by Abnish Singh Chauhan
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