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Creation and Criticism

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Devoted to English Language and Literature)

Vol. 04, Joint Issue 12 & 13 : Jan-April 2019


As such, the question becomes whether ‘ideas’ are the only standard to judge an intellectual and whether ‘morals’ play no role in the formation of his personality. Mr Perry’s philosophy may be useful in the World of Ideas, but an author, who is also an intellectual, is always judged by both his morals and his intellect in the World of Life and Literature. Read More.


Violence—Non-violence – R. C. Shukla

Decades away from practicality, non-violence is an unpolished ornament of idealism. Nobody can raise doubts against the sacred heights of this virtue. It vividly separates a man from the crowd of men who become violent at even a very mild attack on their ego. It appears very ordinary as a word but the substance of this word is larger than the substance of violence.... Non-violence can be adopted as a way of life only by an individual because he is free to waste himself as much as he desires. It cannot be prescribed for a society, never for a nation. Read More.

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A Survey of Indian-English Drama by Satish Kumar. Rev. by Basavraj Naikar
Select Songs of Kanakadasa translated by Shashidhar G Vaidya. Rev. by A V Navada



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National Seminar on "Life Values: Literature and Society"

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