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Creation and Criticism

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(A Quarterly International Peer-reviewed Refereed e-Journal

Devoted to English Language and Literature)

Vol. 05, Joint Issue 18 & 19 : July-Oct 2020


Now-a-days the world is fighting, with the tools of awareness and concrete life-saving services, against coronavirus disease (COVID-19) for saving lives and livelihoods. Therefore, it also seems affirmative to unitedly make this ancient practice of chanting, reciting and observing Mangala Mantras for creating positive energy for imbuing with joy, love, harmony, health, peace and prosperity around the world. Read More


Nibir K. Ghosh: In Conversation with Robin Lindley

It would not be correct to conclude that religious tensions and eruptions of violence between the Hindu and Muslim communities in India originated as a result of the partition of the nation in 1947. Of course, the partition drew a permanent wedge in the two communities and those who had lived in peace and harmony for ages turned foes overnight and participated in orgies of violence that remain unparalleled in the history of the sub-continent Even today, the legacy of creating communal discord ....  Read More


Poet and His Poetry — PCK Prem

Writing poems is a gratifying experience but it never reaches anywhere near realization. One is conscious of joy it gives but after a while, it leads to a bit of protracted disgust, a kind of protest against the unattainable in poetic pleasure. Therefore, another effort to enhance joy is imminent. Now, man is aware of poetic frenzy that besieges other poets but it is different with each individual poet and lover of poetry. Whenever, a poet in man sits to scrawl a word or two or just draws lines on the paper, it is casual but .... Read More

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S.O. Oladokun


Songs of Sonority and Hope by D. C. Chambial. Rev. by H. S. Bhatia
CAP Reflections in IPE—Pathfinders by S. K. Arora. Rev. by Abnish S Chauhan
Literary Terms Made Easy by S. K. Arora and D. Arora. Rev. by A. S. Chauhan

The Speaking Self



Krishna K. Agrawal
Anil S. ‘Musafir’
Katta Rajamouly


The Budding Poet


T. Vasudev Reddy
Vanshika Sharma
Workshop On C. W.


O. P. Arora
PCK Prem
P. G. Rama Rao
R. P. Singh
A. Bhattacharyya
Bharati Nayak

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