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Creation and Criticism

 ISSN: 2455-9687

(A Quarterly International Peer-reviewed Refereed e-Journal

Devoted to English Language and Literature)

Vol. 02, Joint Issue 06 & 07 : July-Oct 2017


The potential impact of literature is not in doubt. It is educated youth which holds the future of the nation in their hands and has the power to influence change. Hence, youth should be educated not only in their own culture but in other cultures also. Literature is most important for young people and society today, yet when I asked my older grandchildren to tell me about a book they had recently read, they were unable to name one!. Read More.

A Brief Survey

Navgeet– The New Lyric Poetry of Hindi – Kumar Ravindra

Sachchidanand Hiranand Vatsyayan ‘Agyey’ started Pryogvadi or experimental poetry in Hindi. This genre of poetry was later known as ‘Nai Kavita’ or new poetry. He insisted that new poetry need not observe any rules of prosody. Actually this kind of poetry was inspired by the Verse libre movement of France and England and took Hindi poetry to a direction which, in a way, was un-Indian. Nirala, who had been the source of inspiration and who had experimented with the liberated genre of poetry by his poems like ‘Voh todti patthar’, returned to the lyrical form in the later part of his poetic career and gave impetus to a new experimental kind of lyric poetry, which later acquired the nomenclature ‘Navgeet’. Read More.

Research Paper

Colourful Paradigms of Values in Arun Joshi’s Novels – Abnish Singh Chauhan

A writer writes in response to the socio-cultural milieu of his times and advertently or inadvertently presents various colours of values in his work of art. This paper reveals different colours of values in the novels of Arun Joshi (1939-1993), whose output in the domain of Indian English Fiction is limited to five novels, namely: The Foreigner (1968), The Strange Case of Billy Biswas (1971), The Apprentice (1974), The Last Labyrinth (1981) and The City and The River (1990) along with a collection of short stories, The Survivor and Other Stories (1975). Read More. 


Literary NECTAR by Sudhir K Arora. Rev. by Abnish S Chauhan
Functional English by Abnish S Chauhan. Rev. by Manjusha B Tawase



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