R C Shukla

r-c-shukla-1R. C.  Shukla (b. 1943) retired as H.O.D. English in 2003 from K.G.K. College, Moradabad in the state of Uttar Pradesh. He is the most prolific Indian English poet as is evident from the publication of his poetry collections from 2000 to 2013. His poetry collections include Darkness At Dawn,  A Belated Appearance, Depth and Despair, My Poems Laugh, The Parrot Shrieks,The Parrot Shrieks II,  The Parrot Shrieks III, Ponderings I, Ponderings II and Ponderings III. He resides at MIG 33, Ramganga Vihar, Phase-2, Moradabad-244001 (UP) India. 




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Satish Kumar

Satish KumarProf. Satish Kumar retired from UP Government Higher Education Service Class I. He worked as Professor and Head in three Government Colleges while he had been the Principal of five Government Colleges. He has authored a number of books including Edgar Allen Poe: Style and Structure of His Short Stories, Literary Explorations, and his four volumes on Indian Writing in English, namely, A Survey of Indian English Prose, A Survey of Indian English Poetry, A Survey of Indian English Drama and A Survey of Indian English Novel. He had been the former Dean, Faculty of Arts, MJP Rohilkhand University, Bareilly. He can be contacted at drsatishkumar08@gmail.com.






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Brajbhushan Singh Gautam ‘Anurag’

Brajbhushan Singh Gautam ‘Anurag’ was born on 30th June 1933 at Badaun, U.P. At the age of 23, he left Badaun for Moradabad and finally settled here.  Being a meritorious student, he got post-graduate degrees in five subjects— Hindi, Political Science, Economics, History and Sociology and, thereafter, a bachelor’s degree in Law. He is a prolific poet and writer of Hindi literature. His literary pieces have been published in various magazines, newspapers, anthologies, etc. His published books are— Ansoo (Lyrics, 1951), Darpan  Mere Gaon Ka (Epic, 1996), Chandani (Epic, 2003), Dhoop Aati Hi Nahin (Gazals, 2009), Sonjuhi Ki Gandh (Lyrics, 2010), Angan Mein Sonpari (Lyrics, 2010), Sanson Ki  Samadhi (Poems, 2012), Ek Tukra Aasman (Short stories, 2013), Apne-apne Sooraj (Lyrics, 2013), Chandan Van Sanvaren (Lyrics, 2015), Harsingar Khilega (Lyrics, in press), etc. Two books— Viswa-stareey Sahitya ke Srijak Brajbhushan Singh Gautam ‘Anurag’ (2010) and Mahakavi Anurag : Angan Se Akash Tak (2013) are also published on his life and works. He resides at: MMIGB-23, Ramganga Vihar, Phase-1, Near Sonakpur Stadium, Moradabad, U.P., India.



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Abnish Singh Chauhan

Dr Abnish Singh Chauhan (1979) is a bilingual poet, critic, translator and editor (Hindi and English). He had been invited to Ahemdabad International Literature Festival 2016. His significant books include Swami Vivekananda: Select Speeches, Speeches of Swami Vivekananda and Subhash Chandra Bose: A Comparative Study, King Lear : A Ctritical Study, Functional Skills in Language and Literature, Functional English, Writing Skills and The Fictional World of Arun Joshi: Paradigm Shift in Values. His deep interest in translation prompted him to translate thirty poems of B S Gautam Anurag under the title Burns Within from Hindi into English and some poems of Paddy Martin from English into Hindi. Besides Harivansh Rai Bachchan Yuva Geetkar Samman (2013) for his Hindi poetry collection Tukada Kagaz Ka from Uttar Pradesh Hindi Sansthan, Lucknow, U.P., he is the recipient of Pratham Kavita Samman (2011) from Kavita Kosh (www.kavitakosh.org), Book of the Year Award (2012) from the Think Club, Michigan, USA, Srajnatmak Sahitya Puraskar (2013) from Rajasthan Patrika, Jaipur, Rajasthan, Navankur Puraskar (2014) from Abhivyakti Vishwam, Sharjah, UAE, etc. He is managing editor at Creation and Criticism; and editor at International Journal of Higher Education and Research and a web magazine Poorvabhas. He resides at F-338, Prem Nagar, Linepar, Majhola, Moradabad-244001 (UP) India and can be contacted at abnishsinghchauhan@gmail.com.






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Burns Within

Burns Within (Translation of Hindi Poems into English)

Poet: B.S. Gautam Anurag

Translator: Dr Abnish Singh Chauhan

Publisher: Sanjeev Prakashan, Daryaganj, Delhi-110002 (India)

Edition: First, November 2015

Price : Rs. 200/- (Hardcover)

Pages: 73  

Web address: http://burnswithin.blogspot.in/



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Sushma Sharma

Dr. Sushma Sharma retired as Head, Department of English, KGK College, Moradabad-244001. She participated in various national and international seminars, wrote many papers and guided more than 30 Ph. D. scholars. She had been the first woman Dean, Faculty of Arts, MJP Rohilkhand University. She can be contacted at  sushmasharma_45@yahoo.com.




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Marie Shine

Marie Shine (1950) is a poet of Listowel, the literary capital of Ireland. She started her journey as a poet in 1965 with her first poem ‘Galway -v- Kerry’ published in a national newspaper The Evening Herald. After that she wrote a number of poems appeared in various magazines and newspapers across the globe, but her first collection of poetry My Potpourri of Poetry could come out very late in 2011. Moreover, some of her poems have been anthologized in a book produced by The Just Write Group of Listowel called Hearth Song and also in The Ballydonoghue Journal among others. She has also been the editor of A String of Words, a collection of poems of five poets. Her poetic talent was recognized in June 2005 when she came 2nd in The Dunlavin Arts Festival of Poetry and in July 2007 when she got 2nd position with her English poems in 'The Irish Christian Fellowship Association'. She resides at 32, Ballygologue Park, Listowel, County Kerry, Ireland- V31 EC84 and can be contacted at mariejshine@gmail.com.





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Marian Relihan

Marian Relihan, born on August 11th, 1954, is originally from Kerry, Ireland. After completing an Access Course, she did a B.A. Honours in European Studies with Russian. Part of the course involved a period of study in Moscow, Russia. Her works have been published in journals, magazines and the anthologies of local writers and one of her poems won first prize in the annual Ballydonoghue Journal. In 2014, Marian published her first book of poetry titled Skyland, which was a great success for her. At present, she is teaching Creative Writing for Kerry Education and Training Board and can be contacted through her email: marianrelihan@gmail.com.



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John Kavanagh

John Kavanagh was born in Dublin, Ireland on June 8, 1963. He began writing poetry in 2013 and has published a book of his poetry with Exlibris titled All Kinds Of Everything. He enjoys reading poetry and is a member of many online groups, where he publishes his poetry daily: 'Heart and Soul Poetry Group', 'Poetry Circle', 'World Wide Poetry', 'Poet's Garden', 'Poetry Train.com', and 'Poet's Corner.' He can be contacted through his email: jonkava5@gmail.com.



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Floreann Cawley

Floreann Cawley was born in Pennsylvania, U.S.A. on Sep 22, 1949. She began writing poetry in the year 2000 and as poetry is one of her favorite passions. Her favorite kinds of poems are love poems where her words flow together with emotions and experiences and release feelings from the deepest part of her soul. Floreann was ‘Poet of The Month’ in October 2001 at an online poetry site The Starlite Cafe and has written over 3000 poems till date. She can be contacted through her email: cindypat70@aol.com.



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