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CC also invites latest reviews from the authors for tagging under the tab Reviews to provide the wider readership for the purpose of dissemination of knowledge across the globe.

Jan-April 2019

Select Songs of Kanakadasa. Reviewed by A V Navada
A Survey of Indian-English Drama by Satish Kumar. Rev. by Basavraj Naikar

July-Oct 2019

In Quest of a Meaningful Life by P. K. Mishra. Rev. by Nibir K. Ghosh
The Rhyming Rainbow by Pravat K Padhy. Rev. by Abnish Singh Chauhan
My Diary and Other Poems by Ishika Bansal. Rev. by Dakshta Arora

Jan-April 2020

History of Contem. Indian English Poetry by PCK Prem. Rev. by P K Padhy
S.T.M. Indian Eng. Writing & Trans. by RK Bhushan. Rev. by S K Arora
A Survey of Indian English Prose by Satish Kumar. Rev. by Abnish S Chauhan