Two-day International Conference on Buddhism and Global Peace Award 2017


Sep 29-30, 2017: Two-day International Conference on 'Reflections of Buddhism in Southeast Culture and Its Revival & IBEI-YAC Global Peace Award 2017' was organized under the banner of International Buddha Education Institute (IBEI) and Youth Action Committee (YAC) of Uttarakhand at Hotel Gautami Heights, Kashipur, Uttarakhand, where hundreds of Buddhist monks, devotees, intellectuals, social activists, artists, poets, professors, politicians, students and parents from 17 countries of the world (USA, UK, Japan, China, Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Myanmar, etc) participated with full attention and enthusiasm.  After the national anthem and Buddha Puja by monks from various monasteries of the world, Dr (Baba) Sanjeev Akankshi and Dr Abnish Singh Chauhan, anchors of the event, presented a brief history of the socio-cultural, philanthropic and educational journey of IBEI and YAC from its beginning to the present times.


Mr H P Kain, retired Chief Income Tax Commissioner & Vice Chairman of IBEI, welcomed the august gathering, encouraged the participants and guests, and emphatically articulated the need and significance of the spiritual teachings of Mahatma Buddha in the present society of the world. Chief-Guest Dr K K Paul, hon’ble Governor of Uttarakhand, in his key-note address, not only greeted the visitors to the conference, but also brilliantly communicated the virtues of love, compassion, charity, peace and harmony as reflected by Lord Buddha. Acknowledging the fact that he was immensely inspired by Lord Buddha, he emphasized the relevance of socio-spiritual practices of Buddhism. Lord Ashvaghosh Mahathera, Chairman of IBEI & Member of Minority Commission, Govt. of Uttarakhand, accentuated that the teachings of Mahatma Buddha can not only eradicate terrorism, corruption and other socio-economic problems of society, but also provide inner peace for making life pleasant and blissful. Moreover, Dr Madhu Chaturvedi recited a Buddhist poem in order to recall the glory of the enlightened Master.


In the first session, Global Peace Awards were given to five dignitaries of the world by His Excellency Dr K K Paul, Governor of Uttarakhand. The first award- ‘Symbol of Peace’ was conferred to His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama (in absentia). The award was received by venerable Geshe Dorji Damdul, Director, Tibet House, Cultural Center of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, New Delhi. Three ‘Global Peace Ambassador Awards’ were offered to Dr K Dora Malini Dias (Sri Lanka) for the preservation and development of Buddhist art and culture, venerable Gyanratna Mahathera (Bangladesh) for the propagation of Buddhism in Bangladesh, Thailand and Japan and venerable Bikshu Bodhijana (Nepal) for his meditation activities and teaching of Pali language in Nepal. The fifth award- ‘Global Outstanding Peace Activist Award’ was given to Ms Ratna Yashvante (Pune, India) for her philanthropic works. Thereafter, ‘Global Peace Leader Awards’ and ‘Peace Volunteer Awards’ were offered to more than two dozen personalities of the world. Besides, Baba Sanjeev Akanshi (Moradabad), Dr Abnish Singh Chauhan (SRMU, Delhi-NCR) and Abhinav Chauhan (Moradabad) were also felicitated with IBEI awards by Lord Ashvaghosh Mahathera and other dignitaries on the stage during this fantastic ceremony.


After lunch, Technical Session was started with the speakers from across the globe. Dr K Malini Dora Dias (Sri Lanka), Ven. J Dorji Damdul (New Delhi), Prof (Dr) Lalit Shyam (Assam), Dr W D Tissera (Sri Lanka), Dr Velusamy (Tamilnadu), Dr Anamika Chaudhary (Rajsthan), Mr Manoranjan Wijebhan (Sri Lanka), Sutthisa Satsadee (Thailand), Wai Pone Iq (Myanmar), Prof (Dr) Shekhar Chandra Joshi (Nainital), Mr Milind Ingole (Mumbai), Mr Siddharth Bansode (Aurangabad) and some other speakers highlighted the doctrines of Lord Buddha through the ages. The session was chaired by Ven. Gyanratna Mahathera (Bangladesh), Ven. Bodhijana (Nepal) and Lord Ashvaghosh Mahathera (India). In his presidential address, Ven. Gyanratna Mahathera (Bangladesh), dignifiedly exhorted that today is a memorable day as this conference is meant for higher education and cutting-edge research on the life and philosophy of Mahatma Buddha, and aimed at spreading His pious words to the masses. The first day function ended with a vote of thanks by Mr A H Otani, Secretary, YAC & IBEI.


The second day of the conference started with the gathering of visitors outside the hotel in order to visit the historical Buddha monasteries and meditation centers situated at Bahadurpur, Jaspur and Kashipur. The visitors enjoyed the journey and came back to the hotel at 3 o’clock on the same day. Thereafter, cultural programs were organized by IBEI’s artists, hailing from Patrani village, during the closing ceremony. The conference ended with a vote of thanks by Mr Chandan Ingole, Dy Secretary, YAC, Uttarakhand, followed by the national anthem.  






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OUP Workshop on ‘Emerging Trends for English Language and Communication Skills – A Practical Approach’


Noida: Oxford University Press India organized a successful workshop on ‘Emerging Trends for English Language and Communication Skills – A Practical Approach’ on July 22, 2017. The two-fold objective of the workshop was to experience best practices in teaching-learning communication skills to students of 21st century and a focused group discussion to identify gap areas in teaching-learning communication skills which act as deterrents in students being employable. Thereby, it comes up with a proposal on how change can be brought about at the content, assessment, and delivery level to UG, PG and research scholars of English language.


Mr Shashank, the co-ordinator of the workshop representing Oxford University Press India, welcomed the august presence and encouraged the participants to make use of this opportunity. Furthermore, he said that team OUP has been making significant efforts in training and collaborating with the faclulties who are teaching English language at different levels in universities, colleges and schools.


Dr Mukti Sanyal, Principal, Bharati College, University of Delhi, also thanked team OUP for effectively conducting the workshop and reflected that such types of workshops give opportunities to the aspirants to experience the joy of fruitful imagination, invention and implementation of language skills. She advised the participants to explore and explicate English language and communication skills for the betterment of our country, particularly in the field of employment and teaching-learning modules. The session was moderated by Ms Sunila from OUP.


The participants- Dr Manoj Kumar, Dr Sam Raj Nesamony, Dr Abnish Singh, Dr Anannya Dasgupta, Dr Nandini Bhattacharya, Dr Jamuna Narayanan and twenty others who represent different government and private universities of Delhi-NCR, enjoyed and actively participated in the workshop and their opinions and field experiences were valuable to make the workshop a success. They also got the opportunity to meet and interact with the other faculty members of various universities and explored the present scenario of language lab softwares and their utility for the development of communication skills among the students, particularly in the field of Engineering, Technology, Medical Sciences, Management, Commerce, Humanities and Social Sciences.


In Focus Group Discussion, the invited participants were divided into three groups. Each and every group collectively gave its suggestions to team OUP. Dr Sam Nesamony, who thanked team OUP for organizing the workshop, pointed out that OUP has been doing innumerable plans and programs for developing English language and literature, which was once very important for Humanities and Arts. But, in the global era, OUP has come out with some of the outstanding programs for the the faculties of English, who are part and parcel of every subject and hence, it is the obligatory responsibility of the teacher that every student of every subject is to be inculcated and imparted with the skills of English language- listening, speaking, reading and writing (LSRW). Dr Abnish Singh, who gave some remarkable suggestions and appreciated the efforts of team OUP, said that now a days language skills are taught through the language lab for the development of communicative competencies and socio-cultural experiences; therefore, the government and private universities, institutions and schools are focusing on modern language teaching, especially in English- that is the most predominant aspect of any student's employability. He also thanked Dr Mukti Sanyal for her marvellous presentation techniques, friendly communication and meaningful messages. The workshop ended with a vote of thanks by team OUP.






img-20170723-wa0015Felicitation of Dr Abnish Singh by Dr Mukti Sanyal


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Priyanka Gupta

priyanka-1Priyanka Gupta, born in Kanpur, India, on 31st October 1978, is a Commerce graduate from Kanpur University. She has a passion for writing stories, poetry, memoires and social articles. She has got six books published, out of which two are awarded. She prefers writing in her mother-tongue Hindi, but also has a good and fluent knowledge of English and Urdu. She resides at M.I.G-292, KailashVihar, AwasVikas No- One, Kalyanpur, Kanpur, U.P and can also be contacted at




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Ayush Kumar Singh

ayush-1Ayush Kumar Singh is an eleventh grader at Delhi Public School, Dwarka, Delhi. He became a published author at the age of fifteen with his book, ‘Adventure Stories’ (2016), published by The Readers Paradise. He can be contacted at




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E-book: The Sap Is Still Green



kumar-ravindra-1Poet: R K Raizada (Kumar Ravindra)

Publisher: Writers Workshop

E-book Publisher: Creation and Criticism

Edition: 1988

Pages: 70

Price: Rs. 60 

Web Link: The Sap Is Still Green



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Małgorzata Skałbania

magorzata-skabania-2Małgorzata Skałbania, born in 1965 in Tychy, Silesia in Poland, is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow and intern in the Academy of Fine Arts in Kampen, the Netherlands. She has published one of two her dramas: Golej divi-divi”; three books of poetry: Accretion ("naleciałości"), Der Schmutztitel ("szmuctytuł") and ćwirko. She lives in Lublin, Poland, where she works as a upholsterer. She can be contacted at




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Konstantinos Spiliotis

konstantinos-spiliotis-2Konstantinos Spiliotis, born in Nafplio, Greece, has a Bachelor in Landscaping and Plant Pathology and Master in Management & Technology. He has written poems, novels, plays and scripts. Some of them have been adapted for the theatre and cinema, by him. His works includes novels: Look At How The Sky Is Running, Cherry Tree Orchard and “#X”; plays: Thirteen Moons To Ithaca, The Arrow Of Panacea-Asclepius, God Of Medicine and Look At How The Sky Is Running” (adaptation from the novel); collections of poems: Flutterings of Passion, Wishes, Musical Notes, Rejection of The Senses, Wiseacre and Cannibalistic Lovers; Movie Scripts: The Silence, Cardamom And Stardust (adaptation from the novel Look At How The Sky Is Running). He is a full member of the Panhellenic Union of Philologist writers and his work is under the auspices of the Argolis Club for UNESCO. He is currently Artistic Director at the Cultural & Entertainment Company “Proskinio”. He can be contacted at




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Devi Nangrani

devi-nangrani-1Devi Nangrani, born in Karachi, Sindh in 1941, is a celebrated Sindhi, Hindi and English poet, writer and critic. Sindhi being her mother tongue, she started her write ups with Hindi Ghazal, and then to the translation of literary works from Sindhi to Hindi and vice versa. She has published 24 books, and her stories and articles have also appeared in various magazines and newspapers of national and international repute. She is a recipient of the NCPSL Award. She resides at USA- 480 W Surf Street, Elmhurst IL 60126 and can also be contacted at




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Satish Kumar

satish-kumar-1Dr Satish Kumar, who retired from Uttar Pradesh Higher Education Services Commission (Class I), worked as Professor and Head in three Government Colleges as well as the Principal of five Government Colleges of Uttar Pradesh. He has authored a number of books including Edgar Allen Poe: Style and Structure of His Short Stories, Literary Explorations, and his four volumes on Indian Writing in English, namely, A Survey of Indian English Prose, A Survey of Indian English Poetry, A Survey of Indian English Drama and A Survey of Indian English Novel. He had also been the former Dean, Faculty of Arts, MJP Rohilkhand University, Bareilly, U.P. He can be contacted at



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Ajay Kumar Chaubey

ajay-chaubey-1Ajay K Chaubey (PhD) is an Assistant Professor (English) at the Department of Sciences & Humanities, National Institute of Technology, Uttarakhand, India. His key publications include V S Naipaul (Atlantic, 2015), Salman Rushdie (Atlantic, 2016) followed by South Asian Diaspora (in three volumes) to be released by Rawat Publications, Jaipur by the end of this year. Additionally, he has co-edited two volumes on Indian Diaspora entitled Transnational Passages: An Anthology of Diaspora Criticism (Vol. I) and Discursive Passages: An Anthology of Diaspora Criticism (Vol.II) from Yking Books, Jaipur in 2015. He can be contacted at




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