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Creation and Criticism

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(A Quarterly International Peer-reviewed Refereed e-Journal

Devoted to English Language and Literature)

Vol. 02, Issue 04 : Jan 2017

Five Poems of Umashanker Yadav

Umashanker Yadav is an Ahmedabad-based businessman. His first poetry collection ‘Beyond Dreamz’ was published in 2015. He is the Festival Director of AILF. He can be contacted at

1. Mother


Mother, a feeling

Most beautiful and endearing

Creates a life

Putting her all at stake

Always sacrifices

Her comforts and longings

A strong wall

Which no one can shake


No one can replace


Closely knit heart and


If she is alive

It is always a shade

If no more

Memories never fade


Mother’s lap is always

A bliss and safe feeling

Whether win an award

Or do a wrong dealing

Many times, understood

After time is gone

No point in repenting

Since nothing can be done


Even best done for her

Is never satisfying

“Should have done more”

Evokes crying

If she is not there

To see and glorify

Awards and success

Never satisfy.


2. To Loved One


Remember you

Looking at stars at night

Heart sighs and says

To the broken sight


You must make merry

Throughout your life

My love and prayer

Would vanish strife


Your proximity invokes

Heavenly feelings

Remain unaware of

Pressures and reelings


Touch and fragrance

Are inexplicable

Moments with you

Are unforgettable


Continue coming in

The web of dreams

Will keep on floating

On the ocean of streams.


3. Internal Conflict


Conflicts are many

Some manageable and known

Others uncontrolled

And overgrown


Whole time is spent

In mending holes

When one is filled

The other is rolled


Conflicts arise from

Cross purposes

One likes something

Other opposes.


4. Broken Dreams


A boy from village

With humble background

Enters the world

With fury and sound


Genius and diligent he is

With unlimited dreams

Awards got many

Has been among creams


With aim, Sky is the limit 

Wants to do everything

Time runs fast

Not focussed on any one thing


Slowly, realisation dawns

He is missing the train

Many have been lost

Very few are left to gain


Panic button is pressed

It is a question of survival

Modest living is made

Without any scope of revival


Sheer wastage of talent

For country and communities

Result of unfocussed approach

No guidance and lost opportunities


With scars on the soul

And bruised, trampled ego

Carries broken dreams

Which he cannot forgo.


5. Distance


This coming of together

And separating again

Has left the heart

With void and pain


Hope to meet

Again very soon

May be in the morning

Evening or noon


You are staying always

In my breaths

No one can snatch you

Till my death


I will always be waiting


You are my blank cheque

Written undated.



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