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Book Release from PBD, Bareilly

We are pleased to inform the release (new titles/new editions/reprints) of the following books:

  1. Robert Frost: A Study of Select Poems by A. N. Dwivedi
  2. Aravind Adiga's The White Tiger—A Study by Sudhir K. Arora
  3. A. K. Ramanujan: The Bridge Between Tradition and Modernity by Dushyant Nimavat
  4. A Handbook of the Study of Literature by M. N. Sinha
  5. Premchand: Godaan—A Critical Analysis by I. D. Sharma
  6. Rabindranath Tagore: Gitanjali—Text with Critical Study and Notes by Som Dev and B. C. Chakravorty
  7. Sarojini Naidu: Select Poems—with Critical Introduction, Notes and Comments by A. N. Gupta
  8. My Days in Tulasikshetra—Memoir by P. G. Rama Rao
  9. Segregation—Collection of Poems by Sankarsan Parida
  10. V. S. Naipaul's India: A Wounded Civilisation—A Study by R. K. Jha
  11. Nothing from Nothing—Collection of Poems by R. M. Prabhulinga Shastry

- Rahul Shinghal, March 30, 2016


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