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Dimitris P. Kraniotis

Dimitris P. Kraniotis (1966), who lives and works as a physician in Larissa, Greece, has been invited and participated in several International Poetry Festivals around the World. He is the author of 7 poetry books: "Traces" (1985), "Clay Faces" (1992), "Fictitious Line" (2005, "Dunes" (2007), "Endogram" (2010), "Edda" (2010) and "Illusions"(2010) and the Editor-in-Chief of the international anthology in English "World Poetry 2011" (205 poets from 65 countries). Also he is one of the 76 co-authors from 26 countries of the Global Harmony Association’s book “The ABC of Harmony” (candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize 2013). He has won international awards for his poetry which has been translated in 25 languages and published in many countries around the World. He can be contacted at