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Two Sensitive Issues Wrapped in Comedy

Gurgaon, August 28, Sunday: Giving Gurgaon a flavor of two famous plays, Magic Creations Mom’s Theatre Group in association with Hindware presented- TARTUFFE by Molière &ANJI by Vijay Tendulkar on Sunday evening at DPS Sec 45 Auditorium, Gurgaon. The first play called TARTUFFE, Hindi adaptation of a comedy by renowned French play writer Moliere  and the second presentation called ANJI by none other than Vijay Tendulkargrabbed the audience attention completely. The plays were staged by Magic Creations Moms’ Theatre Group, an all mothers group of Gurgaon who have come together to reclaim their ‘creative kick’!


Directed by NSD alumnus Binod Sharma, the Choreography and Music of the play is given by Harsh Nawaria. A dramatic story of a spiritual hypocrite, Tartuffe talks about the hypnotizing influence of so called religious gurus, who are masters at wearing the mask of gentleness and intelligence to the world although the ugly truth is unseen by many. The second play Anji is the story of a girl that revolves around the society’s outlook that a good match for an unmarried girl should be the first priority of the family. If the girl is educated and breadwinner of the family, getting married becomes tougher for various unsaid reasons. Driving the audience to accept the complexities of love and romance, as the gripping stories of the plays moved forward, it only left the audiences entertained and thrilled, cracking up every now & then, in splits of laughter.


Talking about the story and its Hindi adaptation, Ms. Geetika Goyal, Director, Magic Creations (Founder of Moms’ Theatre Group), added “Tartuffe is a hilarious script, set up in one of the households of Delhi NCR itself, while Anji, the story of a Marathi girl, is set up in Pune. The first play is loud and full of drama while the second has a realistic approach with spills of humour that keeps the audience gripped. Both the plays together offer complete family entertainment”.


Talking about the Moms’ Theatre Group, Ms. Goyal continued “Our thought behind the launch of this group was to give the mothers in Gurgaon a creative corner, where they come, unwind and discover themselves all over again. As of now, the group is of 15 passionate mothers between the age brackets of 35 to 69 years; they have come together to challenge themselves and find some 'ME' time while taking a break from their everyday routine. These mothers believe in investing in their own selves, by creating moments of happiness and creative satisfaction here. After spending time here, they go back all refreshed and happy, fueling back dollops of enthusiasm and passion to their routine lives.” 


Thus, the two plays ‘TARTUFFE by Molière & ANJI by Vijay Tendulkar’ left Gurgaon audience in splits on Sunday evening!