Priyanka Gupta

priyanka-1Priyanka Gupta, born in Kanpur, India, on 31st October 1978, is a Commerce graduate from Kanpur University. She has a passion for writing stories, poetry, memoires and social articles. She has got six books published, out of which two are awarded. She prefers writing in her mother-tongue Hindi, but also has a good and fluent knowledge of English and Urdu. She resides at M.I.G-292, KailashVihar, AwasVikas No- One, Kalyanpur, Kanpur, U.P and can also be contacted at




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Ayush Kumar Singh

ayush-1Ayush Kumar Singh is an eleventh grader at Delhi Public School, Dwarka, Delhi. He became a published author at the age of fifteen with his book, ‘Adventure Stories’ (2016), published by The Readers Paradise. He can be contacted at




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K. V. Raghupathi

Dr K. V. Raghupathi (born 1957 in a Telugu speaking family, Andhra Pradesh) teaches English at Central University of Tamil Nadu, Thiruvarur, Tamil Nadu, India. He is a poet, short story writer and critic of English language. He began writing seriously in 1985.  Since then he has published 22 books, which include ten books in English verse, two novels, one short story collection, seven critical studies and two books on yoga. He is the recipient of Michael Madhusudhan Dutt Award, Kolkata in 2000, H. D. Thoreau Fellowship, Dhvanyaloka, Mysore in 2000, Life Time Achievement Award, Chennai Poetry Circle, Chennai in 2010, Rock Pebbles National Award for creativity, Bhubaneswar, 2014 among others. He can be contacted at



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Divya Mathur

Divya MathurFounder of Vatayan: Poetry on South Bank and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, Divya Mathur is an award winning and widely published author of five story and seven poetry collections and a novel. She has also edited three highly acclaimed story collections of Indian Women Writers Abroad. Honoured by the Arts Council of England for her outstanding contribution and innovation in the field of Arts, she is committed to promote the cultural aspirations of the Indian community at the level of thought and has been sharing experiences with his readers since 1985. The ex-Programme Director of The Nehru Centre, London, England, for over 20 years, she is listed in the volumes of Inspirational Women and Asian Who's Who. She can be contacted at



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Anshu Johri

Anshu JohriAnshu Johri authors poems, short stories and plays in Hindi and English. She migrated to USA in 1995 and lives in San Jose, California. She grew up in Madhya Pradesh, India and her early education took place in various towns of Madhya Pradesh. She received her Bachelors of Electrical Engineering from Government Engineering College, Jabalpur and has a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from San Jose State University, California. She started Udgam, one of the first online Hindi literary magazines of the world in 1998 and was its editor till 2004. She also produced and hosted a radio program ‘Uphaar’ in 2004-2005.

Her published works include Khule Prishtha (Bare Pages- A collection of poems, 1990), Shesh Phir (More Later- A collection of short stories, 2004), Boond ka Dwandwa (Dilemma of a Raindrop- A collection of poems, 2014) and Adrishya Kinara (Invisible Shores- A collection of stories, 2015). Her poems and stories have appeared in reputed Hindi Literary Journals like Kadambini, Vaagarth, Vartmaan Saahitya, Kathakram, Hindi Jagat and Vishwa, among various others. She was a guest speaker at a discourse on ‘New Feminism and New Responses’ among other writers from different languages, organized by the Sahitya Academy of India, Bangalore in June 2015.

Her work in English has appeared in Dukool, Vine Leaves Literary Journal and an anthology Desi Girls published by Hope Road Publishing, U.K. Besides writing, her other passions are painting, teaching Hindi and theatre to kids. She resides at 2839 Norcrest Dr, San Jose CA 95148, U.S.A and can be contacted at



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