Poet S A Hamid with Sudhir K Arora

From Desire to Desire, Ultimately via Desire to do Karma 

Prof. S. A. Hamid works as Professor of English at the Almora Campus of Kumaun University in Uttarkhand, India. The poem ' Desire, Ultimately' is from his poetry collection The Ontology of Desire, which includes new and some selected poems from his earlier poetry collections, namely— Autumn Rainbow, No Man’s Land and Desire, Ultimately. Prof. Hamid, being a poet of desire and intuition, shares his views on the role of desire in his poetry.




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Syed Ali Hamid

Syed Ali HamidSyed Ali Hamid is popular for naturalness, cosmopolitan vision and loving heart. His poetry collections include Autumn Rainbow (1993), No Man’s Land (2003) and Desire, Ultimately (2013). His recent poetry collection is The Ontology of Desire: New and Selected Poems (2015), which, besides new poems, contains selected poems from his earlier collections. Critics have high opinion about his poetry.


At present, Hamid is working as Professor of English at Kumaun University Campus, Almora in Uttarakhand, India. As a translator, he was awarded by the Uttar Pradesh Urdu Academy in 1990 for his translation of Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea into Urdu. The fusion of Lacknavi culture and Almora’s spiritualism makes him a true human being who sings the song of desire—desire for love, peace, joy and freedom. 


Professor Hamid has two daughters. He lives at ‘Ehsas’, Ranidhara Road, Almora-263601 (Uttarakhand). He can also be contacted at syedali.hamid2@gmail.com



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R C Shukla

r-c-shukla-1R. C.  Shukla (b. 1943) retired as H.O.D. English in 2003 from K.G.K. College, Moradabad in the state of Uttar Pradesh. He is the most prolific Indian English poet as is evident from the publication of his poetry collections from 2000 to 2013. His poetry collections include Darkness At Dawn,  A Belated Appearance, Depth and Despair, My Poems Laugh, The Parrot Shrieks,The Parrot Shrieks II,  The Parrot Shrieks III, Ponderings I, Ponderings II and Ponderings III. He resides at MIG 33, Ramganga Vihar, Phase-2, Moradabad-244001 (UP) India. 




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Satish Kumar

Satish KumarProf. Satish Kumar retired from UP Government Higher Education Service Class I. He worked as Professor and Head in three Government Colleges while he had been the Principal of five Government Colleges. He has authored a number of books including Edgar Allen Poe: Style and Structure of His Short Stories, Literary Explorations, and his four volumes on Indian Writing in English, namely, A Survey of Indian English Prose, A Survey of Indian English Poetry, A Survey of Indian English Drama and A Survey of Indian English Novel. He had been the former Dean, Faculty of Arts, MJP Rohilkhand University, Bareilly. He can be contacted at drsatishkumar08@gmail.com.






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Critic Satish Kumar with Sudhir K Arora: Part ONE and TWO

sProf. Satish Kumar, a prolific writer of his age, has written a number of books including Survey of Indian English Poetry, Survey of Indian English Novel, Survey of Indian English Novel and Survey of Indian English Prose. His Survey of Indian English Novel was appreciated highly by Mulk Raj Anand. Watch these videos to know what he thinks of Indian Writing in English:




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Poet R C Shukla with Sudhir K Arora

Dr. R. C. Shukla is a very significant poet in Indian Poetry in English. He is in conversation with Sudhir K. Arora. He is frank and quite convincing in his views about Indian Poetry in English. He is not hopeful about the future of poetry in India. Why? ....to know more about him, watch this video:


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