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Vol. 09, Joint Issue 32 & 33: Jan-April 2024

New Release

A Companion to Assistant Teacher (LT Grade Uttarakhand) Examination

Ruchi Agarwal

Sudhir K Arora. A Companion to Assistant Teacher (LT Grade Uttarakhand) Examination. Bareilly: Prakash Book Depot, 2024. Pp. 312, Price: Rs. 425/-, ISBN: 978-93-91984-64-9


A much-awaited book—A Companion to Assistant Teacher (LT Grade Uttarakhand) Examination by Sudhir K. Arora has finally been released. Dr. Sudhir Arora is a well-known figure among students preparing for competitive exams in English. His extensive body of work, including books and lectures, has made him a trusted resource in this field. Now, students preparing for the Uttarakhand LT Grade English exam have the good fortune of benefiting from his expertise with this new publication.


Key Highlights of the Book


Alignment with the New Syllabus: The book has been meticulously crafted to adhere to the newly released syllabus for the Uttarakhand LT exam. Each point in the syllabus is addressed in the order presented, ensuring comprehensive coverage. All units are represented proportionately, maintaining a balanced focus across different topics. Equal emphasis is placed on grammar, literary forms and terms, as well as on authors and their works.


Objective Questions: The book features objective questions that are exemplary in quality. Rather than simply providing answers, the questions themselves are designed to impart information. By carefully considering each question, students can gather additional related knowledge, making this one of the standout features of the book. Dr. Arora has effectively elevated the standard of MCQ books for competitive exams to that of a textbook.


Educational Approach: Many questions in the book are designed to not only test but also teach the reader. This approach ensures that students learn the correct methodology for tackling MCQs. Preparing with these questions will enhance one's ability to approach similar questions in the actual exam.


Model Papers: The book includes two meticulously prepared model papers, each comprising 50 questions. These papers aim to cover the entire English syllabus and simulate the actual exam conditions, providing an invaluable practice tool for students.


Quality and Presentation: The book is virtually free of proofreading errors, and significant attention has been paid to the presentation, including the careful use of italics and inverted commas. The book's attractive layout and convenient size make it a user-friendly resource. With 312 pages containing over 4,000 questions, it is priced reasonably at Rs. 425.


With the introduction of this book, the competitive landscape has certainly intensified. Students who utilize this resource will be better equipped to excel in their exams. I extend my best wishes to all students for their outstanding performance in the upcoming exam.



ruchi-singhalAbout the Author:


Dr Ruchi Agarwal teaches English at S.R.S. Girls P.G. College, Bareilly, affiliated to M.J.P. Rohilkhand University, Bareilly. She completed her Ph. D on the plays of O’ Neill successfully. Her research papers on Whitman, Robert Frost, Naipaul, Webster and others have been published in various reputed journals. She can be contacted at



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