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Creation and Criticism

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(A Quarterly International Peer-reviewed Refereed e-Journal

Devoted to English Language and Literature)

Vol. 06, Joint Issue 20 & 21: Jan-April 2021


A Paper and Other Poems — Abnish Singh Chauhan

Dr Abnish Singh Chauhan (1979) is a bilingual poet, critic, translator and editor (Hindi and English). His significant books include Swami Vivekananda: Select Speeches, Speeches of Swami Vivekananda and Subhash Chandra Bose: A Comparative Study, William Shakespeare: King Lear, Functional English, The Fictional World of Arun Joshi: Paradigm Shift in Values, Burns Within (Poems of B.S. Gautam 'Anurag' translated from Hindi into English) and Tukada Kagaz Ka (Hindi Lyrics).  He can be contacted through his email:


1. A Paper


Sometimes rises

falls now and then,

twists and strives

to fly again,

from birth to end

a paper— it is simply known.


Sometimes brims its eyes

with hunger-pain,

speaks out its mind

before the insensitive clan,

frets and fumes

a paper— it is simply known.


When entrapped

dances like a spindle

in the broken pieces of mirror,

sees its capsized faces

at intervals, overtaken by events

a paper— it is simply known.


Sometimes burns like coal,

like ashes weeps,

when mingled with soil

it ever sleeps,

gets hoed with ploughing

a paper— it is simply known.


2. On Meeting


A spring bloom

always gives

hope and joy to me.


A hope—

to fly

like a butterfly.


A joy—

to smile

like a baby’s eyes.




turns gradually

in Autumn

making me

sad and blue.


Is it the cycle of Time

or some type of democracy

In this temporal world?



if comes,

never goes

in the world of psyche

where a bloom

opens ever

and closes never

on meeting the BLOOM.


3. Not a Rebeller


A time comes

when his heart and mind rebel

and chastise—

'This is enough.'


But, the force of feelings in him

subsides after a while

as if it is a periodic process

and nothing else.

Garrulously talking at mealtime,

daydreaming while meditating,

falling asleep with the television on

or sitting on internet for hours.


Gossiping in the canteen,

taking interest in rumors,

making rumors

or criticizing others.


Doing nothing properly,

getting annoyed too easily,

lying at sixes and sevens

and on being caught, saying— no, no.


On being fed up with all this,

his heart and mind rebel

and want some big change.


But, it seems to him

nothing is going to change in his life.

He is a slave to his habits,

not a rebeller— yes.


4. A Journey


Let us wish you

a very happy new year,

spoke the lurid signboards

hung on the roadsides.


The same words were heard

on the cell phones

on the channels

in T.V. shows

in the newspapers, magazines

woven into wonderful stories

of the old and the new

on the new year.


The historians, researchers, speakers,

even the poets

came out from their cells,

premeditated and declared

the changes and developments of the world,

but they were unanimously silent on

the mystery of life and death

in the full glory of new year.


Their findings could unfold the only truth that

the world is imbibed in the pole dance

trying to enjoy the days, and the nights as well

from the beginning of its creation.


And, it is happy, sometimes sad

in its short and small journey,

or long and strange journey —

a journey from January to December.


5. Help Me


O Lord Krishna!

on Holi

I wish to see

your colourful leelas

in Golok Vrindavan

with Radharani and other friends.


I traverse to your Shri-dham

with full faith and hope

and there only darshan


thronged with pujaris,

pandas and other agents

playing Holi with the devotees

in the compound.


They say—

YOU also live within

I search you there too

day and night

and only see

the endless darkness,

no hue.


O help me, my Friend!

to become vijantah

one who knows YOU

and one's unique colours of soul.



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