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Creation and Criticism

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(A Quarterly International Peer-reviewed Refereed e-Journal

Devoted to English Language and Literature)

Vol. 01, Issue 01: April 2016

Five Poems of Antony Theodore

Dr. Antony Theodore, born on Nov 9, 1954, holds two Doctorates in English Literature and Philosophy of World Religions from the universities of U.S.A. and Germany. His significant books include The Song of My Dance, The Dance of My Dreams, In the Shadow of Your Wings, You are the Soul of my Being, Divine Moments among others. ​He has published his very popular poetry online in the following poetry sites- Poet Freak, The Starlite Cafe, Poem Hunter, Poet's Garden and Micropoet. He resides in Dortmund, Germany and can be contacted through his email:

1. Be A Candle That Burns

You kindled me.
You are very thoughtful 
when you look at me now. 
You sit pensive in my light
and meditate.

Do you know
I am glad that I burn. 
If I did not burn, 
I would have been in a candle box 
with others who also do not burn. 

In such a box, 
we find no meaning for our lives.

My meaning I find when I burn.
Now I'm kindled and spread light.
You can say "I am on fire".
I am burning. 
So I become shorter.
I am sad, that I will become soon 
a small stump only.

But such is life.
There are only two options for me: 
Either I remain completely 
intact in the cardboard, 
then I will not become smaller.
But then, I have no meaning in my life. 

But when I burn, 
I will give light and warmth, 
then I know, that I am 
of use for others.
I have given myself freely.

It is better than to be as cold 
and meaningless in the box.

Burning for others is my joy.
A candle light is contagious! 
Be a candle that burns!

2. In My Sandalwood Garden

I built a small hut
In my sandalwood garden.
The wind fell in love with 
my sandalwood trees.
Wind comes to visit sandals
every now and then 
in the morning, noon and at dusk.
The wind comes stealthily at night
to visit the lady love, The Sandal.

Why do I need a mansion? 
I sleep in my small hut 
peacefully, breathing always
the sandal perfume 
which the wind steals from
his lady love. 

3. Moon Come and Bathe Me

Love flows with perfect grace
like the dove that wants to fly.

I remember her embrace.

Hold me my desire, oh! my heart! 

Moon, come and bathe me, 
caress me.

As the feathers of a wing
cuddle together, 
I want to cuddle with you 
and gaze at your face
with golden light 
shining in my eyes. 

I Want To Kiss The Roots

The little stream sings and dances
on its way to the flower tree.
Waters bubble when it thinks of the flower tree.

I want to flow fast and kiss the roots 
and my tree will blossom into 
flowers beautiful and new.

Do you know now the secret of love
and its mystery that brings forth flowers
on my flower tree? 

I want to flow fast. 
Can’t wait anymore
to kiss the roots of my lover tree.

5. The Thread Of My Soul

Run into my arms; 
Call me by my name
in a voice full of tender passion.

Bring me now the thread of my soul
Which I gave you when we began to love: 

Look! the butterflies fly, 
the birds twitter, 
the rainbows smile
when you lie in my soul.

You are dear to me
forever and ever
till the end of times. 


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