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Creation and Criticism

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(A Quarterly International Peer-reviewed Refereed e-Journal

Devoted to English Language and Literature)

Vol. 01, Issue 01: April 2016

Five Poems of Dawn Edwards

Dawn Edwards was born in Newport, South Wales in The United Kingdom on Dec 20, 1965. Though she has always liked reading poetry, it's only recently she started writing her own poetry and is enjoying penning new poems very much. She has currently published her poetry on a poetry group named 'Poet's Garden' on Facebook, which is presently her only outlet for posting her poems online. She can be contacted through her email:

1. As I Lay Intoxicated With Sleep 


As I lay intoxicated with sleep 
I looked to heaven, saw an angel weep
with tears of sorrow for those on earth
Who have lost their vocation, forgotten its worth

I dreamed of a star studded indigo sky
where angelic beings whispered and sighed
Speaking words of wisdom that were totally ignored
Repeating phrases that to some were unheard

Then I saw an array of trumpets appear
The mood it changed became loving and sincere
Words of encouragement of smiles sincere
"Finally they're listening!" I heard a cheer

I felt my heart overturn with love
There in front of me was a single white dove
"You've listened to your heart" I heard them say
"Now awaken, it's a brand new day!"

2. Mannequin


Stood still in silence I shall appear
Feigned supremacy, stoically sincere
Perfected by time in ridged display
A predated mystery to this very day

Maybe tomorrow I'll awaken for you
Deftly perfected whilst looking brand new
A mannequin of pleasure, a statue no more
I'm alive once again por favor
In sickness and in health I'll be once again
In a Spanish resort in Ecuador's sun

May the fire of life be uttered once more
A vast equation an outer spore
Rigid may I be an impression of surge
This is my home here on planet earth.

3. Our World


Things are changing
The climate the earth it's rearranging
The planets have aligned
For a reason. Are you blind?

We give you the comforts of the sea
The earth is restless can't you feel
Oil spillages and fumes from ignitions 
We're banging our heads, is anyone listening?
Oxygen levels slowly depleting

Toxic fumes, processed food 
What's becoming of this world?
Is it too late to contemplate?
Your thoughts and prayers love not hate

Support the welfare of animals too
This is what's basically happening to you
They're becoming eaten or extinct
So, are we through reasons of hate

Barbaric crimes to initiate war
For what reason, to settle a score?
Is this why we are here, to kill one another?
Our mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers
Forget the race of being that's different
Colours mean nothing, we must be insistant

Just because we don't look alike 
Doesn't mean we have to ignite
Negative thoughts and misdemeanors
Thoughtless remarks bask in inferiors

If we could start all over again
A wish for all to begin again
Concentrate on love within
Determine our overlook without sin

Earth would be enthralled in beauty
With many species who do their duty
To keep its inhabitants free and loved
For we are all a part and sent from above. 

4. Dance Of The Rose


The flowering of the rose
as it dances in its throes
surreptitiously with delight
Its petals divulged in utter contrite

not one but two
Their majestic hue
Its stem twists with utter passion
As the duo tango in a desirable fashion

Its intimate bolero with its fellow mate
Incessantly exquisite as a partner of fate
A drop of moisture from the morning dew
Revels in a waltz as if to say "I love you!"

5. Noise


The hustle and bustle of traffic hues

Rushing around, standing in queues

Follow me here, follow me there

Crashing up and down those stairs



Hooting of lorries, beeping of cars

Planes diving up towards the stars

Arguing and shouting, projecting the ears

Crying, slamming doors amongst the tears



I much prefer the rustling of leaves

The sound of the wind and its gentle breeze

The raindrops on my window

The twinkling of snow



The flapping of wings

As the morning bird sings

The hoots of an owl and the message it brings

The sound of crickets and butterfly wings



The sound of each wave

As it builds to an octave

The ripples in a pond

A waterfalls song



The sheep's bah on the mountainside

The horse's gallop upon his stride

The sound of silence is predicted the source

Of all wonders and beauty, of course



Sat in a meadow and what do I hear?

The sound of nature, beauty so austere

Moments of madness all but disappeared

The sounds of gladness have reappeared



I see the ants rushing around

digging their mounds upon the ground

My hands I lay upon a tree

I feel its strength revitalise me



The ears are like magic, to hear is a gift

A wondrous sense, get my drift?

Music was meant to be heard

Beautiful sounds that are often unheard



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