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Creation and Criticism

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(A Quarterly International Peer-reviewed Refereed e-Journal

Devoted to English Language and Literature)

Vol. 02, Issue 05 : April 2017

Five Poems of Devi Nangrani

Devi Nangrani, born in Karachi, Sindh in 1941, is a celebrated Sindhi, Hindi and English poet, writer and critic. Sindhi being her mother tongue, she started her write ups with Hindi Ghazal, and then to the translation of literary works from Sindhi to Hindi and vice versa. She has published 24 books, and her stories and articles have also appeared in various magazines and newspapers of national and international repute. She is a recipient of the NCPSL Award among others. She resides at USA- 480 W Surf Street, Elmhurst IL 60126 and can also be contacted at


1. The Music of My Heart


Listen to my Heart Beat

I am the singing melody of my Land

That gently tunes in rhythm

Wrapping  me in her essence.


My thoughts dance in tune

With the melody of my heart beat

In the Canopy of fragrance.


They dance as daisies in my memory

Growing  with me where I stand

Sometimes longer, at times shorter.


But never have I felt without the Source

That reflects my thoughts

To dance with the melody

Of my Heart Beat.


2. Agony


The agony of my body
Only my mind feels
The agony of my mind
Only my soul knows.

The distractions of the world
Attract to deviate the soul from focus
The goal is lost astray
It knows the unknown
Trapped and entangled.

The struggle for release is a war
In the cage of body and mind
That is the agony of the soul.


3. Disowned Relations


The babe born in the cradle
Exposed to the melody
Of the mother's lullabies
The privilege of childhood is mine.

The youth that blooms,
From the bud of innocence
And the droplets of blood
Flowing in his nerves are mine.

In this world of selfish relations

The sting of grief
That makes my heart bleed is mine
The unhealing wounds of worry are mine

The scattered and shattered entity
In storm of relations is mine

I am nobody of anybody.


4. Fulfillment


The bottomless vessel

Of my wishes is never filled

The more it gets

The more it wants.


The unquenched thirst for desires

Keeps it empty

The fulfillment is our choice

For we draw the line

To the extent of our wants

To satisfy our unquenched thirst

To be quenched.


5. Journey


When I travel
From the tip of my toe to the top
With no distinction between
The physical and astral me
That is the moment of fire
Between me and my real self
To meet myself and enjoy the union.

Within me is an island
Hidden from the sea of my body
In there I shed a tear
Hidden from the eye of my spirit.

For I feel the separation
The yearning, a tearing apart void
In the space that is within me
To reach my destination
Never to be back from top to toe.



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