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Creation and Criticism

ISSN: 2455-9687  

(A Quarterly International Peer-reviewed Refereed e-Journal

Devoted to English Language and Literature)

Vol. 03, Joint Issue 10 & 11 : July-Oct 2018

Five Poems of Ishika Bansal

Ishika Bansal (b. 2004) is currently studying in class 8th in St. Conrad’s Inter College, Khandari Agra. She has published one Poetry Volume titled ‘Threads of Life’ published in 2017. Her second poetry volume titled, ‘My Diary and Other Poems’ containing 46 poems is slated soon for publication. She can be contacted at


1. Where Am I?


In the zigzag, jumbled poetry I am

In the folded, personalized pages, I am 

I am a chirpy bird’s friend 

In the blue sky

In the green meadow, I am 

I am with my quirky friends

In their giggles and pranks, I am 

I am in the mesmerizing content of a book 

In the tossed, marinated, fresh poem, I am.


2. A Sneak Look Outside


The archaic beauty 

Why it appears so pale

Where are all the glistening grounds

And the blooming dales? 


The liberty to move around freely 

Where it’s gone

The pick-pockets, robbers

Are ready to strike horns 


The depression and anxiety today

Have replaced the placid demeanour 

The trees will soon be vanished 

So un-fragrant are the flowers 


Let’s wake people in deep slumber 

Within our range 

Looking out 

Let’s urge for a change.


3. Mom 


She’s the one to encourage us 

Without being acknowledged herself              

She’s the one to serve us first 

At the stake of starving herself


She’s the one to wipe our tears 

And cheer us up                             

Without being comforted

Without being consoled herself


She’s the one to withstand us

At every phase of our life 

Just for a day sit beside her

She’s a mother, daughter and a wife


It’s a really petty thing to think of her

As just our caretaker 

She’s the one and the only one

Multitasker a perfect homemaker.            


4. My Worthy Hand


I use you to create 

I use you to destroy 

I use you when sad or bored 

To express my joy 


You’re always there with me

True companion - at times

Smelly, sweaty, sticky

And so clean sometimes


With the help of yours

I’ll try to beautify this world

And some ways I’ll mend 

I want every goal of mine set by myself

Till I have this worthy hand


5. Copy, Cut and Paste 


For those who think

Yes I copy, cut and paste 

The words are my own 

But yes I blend the taste 


The ideas I reflect, I observe when alone

Yes I copy, cut and paste 

The thought is my own 


I scribble at last, gather ideas when bored 

Yes I copy, cut and paste 

But a little effort is required


Yes I copy, cut and paste 

But my determination and

My dynamic struggle, need a start 

Because it’s nothing less than a dream 

To create a piece of art.



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