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Creation and Criticism

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Vol. 01, Issue 01: April 2016

Five Poems of John Kavanagh

John Kavanagh was born in Dublin, Ireland on June 8, 1963. He began writing poetry in 2013 and has published a book of his poetry with Exlibris titled All Kinds Of Everything. He enjoys reading poetry and is a member of many online groups, where he publishes his poetry daily: 'Heart and Soul Poetry Group', 'Poetry Circle', 'World Wide Poetry', 'Poet's Garden', 'Poetry', and 'Poet's Corner.' He can be contacted through his email:

1. I Am With You


When you waken in the morning

And you open up your eyes

When the light shines in your window

And the birds sing in the skies

Do I still become your first thought

Do you still call out my name

Am I still your shining knight

Your life's eternal flame


When you step into the sunshine

And feel the cool fresh air

Do you feel a little lonely

Do you wish that I was there

Do you think of me each moment

Does my memory bring you joy


Do you have those tender moments

When alone do you still cry


When you lay upon your pillow

And the moon is big and bright

Do you say a little prayer for me

And wish to hold me tight

When you drift into the dream world

And all again seems real

Does it help to ease your heartache

When you tell me how you feel


When you awaken in the morning

And your eyes are open wide

Is your pillow wet from teardrops

Wept from deep inside

Do you feel it in your heartbeat

That things will be alright

For my darling I am with you

Throughout each day and night.


2. I Gave To You My All


You took my heart and broke it

As though it was a toy

You put me down with every word

So often, I did cry

You make me feel so worthless

With the mental games you play

And make it though all was my fault

Every time you'd stray

You never noticed any time

you were my shining knight

And in this broken heart of mine

For you there shone a light

But your vanity and selfishness

Had blinded you in lust

Long before these written words

You had betrayed my trust

For many years I turned my head

Pretending to be blind

Inside of me the awful fear

Of the truth that I might find

Until that fatal day arrived

And we stood face to face

Your lies and your excuses then

Proof of your disgrace

You beat me with such viciousness

You fists your feet did pound

You hit me off of every wall

Then dragged me along the ground

Consciously you left me there

In pain in agony

Not caring if I lived or died

Your hatred I could see


As I fell in and out of sleep

I began to reminisce

Back to when we first had met

The passion of your kiss

The first time we walked hand in hand

Beneath the star filled sky

You said your eyes were just for me

You were my pride my joy

When you asked I be your bride

I did not hesitate

I said yes with heart and soul

To being your life long mate

I gave to you my all throughout

Being a mother and a wife

A best friend and a confidante

Who helped you when in strife

The bitterness I've felt inside

Has lessened through the years

I've learned to put it all behind

I smile now not shed tears

All those yesterdays have gone

Now from you I am free

For you'll never have the happiness

that grows inside of me

I have my independence now

I've found a new life role

I have the inspiration too

Down deep within my soul.


3. In My Mind Will Always Remain


I boarded the train down in Houston

I was heading to dear Castle bar

in the next aisle the most beautiful smile

beaming the light of a star


I could feel that magnetic attraction

that feeling of love at first sight

Right from the start she had captured my heart

An Angel for sure here tonight


She turned to look out of the window

A sweet kiss she blew through the air

I took it to be that sweet kiss was for me

Her reflection suggested it were


I found I had will and the courage

to tell her just how I did feel

and ask for the chance that we might romance

I felt it was life's fortune wheel


We found that we had much in common

we shared in a joke and a wine

this woman for me was all there could be

I hoped from today she'd be mine


I could not help I was staring

Deep into her green and blue eyes

From her chin to her brow I was smitten somehow

The most beautiful I'd ever seen


We exchanged with each other phone numbers

I said I would soon give a call

for if ever there were someone with to share

my life she would be it all


We wild our first nights away talking

Like mine her feelings were strong

She would like to see a lot more of me

Things were now moving along


Soon we were planning our future

we painted it rosy and bright

we never would part we were joined both in heart

we would share all we had with delight


We got our own place in the Autumn

Together we chose the decor

with paper and paints and the patience of Saints

We went through the house floor by floor


How ready we were for the winter

Together our first Christmas day

with our first Christmas tree the best there could be

lit up in its shining display


On New Year’s Eve we threw a party

to see out the year which had passed

but we did not foresee this was going to be

not only our first but our last


It all happened quite without warning

with what seemed like a cough or a cold

she did not complain but ill did remain

not knowing that cancer took hold


Just like my sweet love my Angel

Life does not come with an age

Cancer can take just for its own sake

Any-one at any stage


I sat with my love through her torture

as she silently suffered her pain

her courage of heart before her depart

in my mind will always remain


I think of that train ride from Houston

and that journey to dear Castle bar

The wine and the joke and the sweet way she spoke

And her smile which shone like a star


Sat on a park bench in Dublin

the people I watch pass their day

How many I thought would I see or not

Tomorrow passing this way.


4. Rekindled Life 


From the depths of hell you snatched me

when I had nothing it did seem

where my soul did writhe in torture

you brought to me a dream

Your appearance, yes your timing

Within my ring of fire

Brought onto me the liberty

For so long I did desire


You joined my darkest moments

you were brave and oh so bold

you stretched your arms out to me

you embraced me and consoled

You tended my emotions

with tender care and love

you drove away my demons

as though an Angel from above


You gave back to me the confidence

to get my life back straight

you removed the whiskey bottle

before all was too late

Your love and understanding

to my new envisioned eye

Rekindled life inside my soul

my woes restored to joy.


5. Mother Nature's Varied Hand


As I lay upon my bed this night

Thunder rolling, lightning bright

Teeming down the pouring rain

Tap tapping on my window pane

Lightning forks bolt from the sky

the thunder growls, the earth does sigh

Mother Nature in her own way

Enchants me with her fine display

The break of day the sky is clear

the birds in song, my spirits cheer

as Mother Nature seems to rest

we see her at her very best

The seasons as they come and go

for each old nature had her show

Rain and shine, ice and fire

Whichever of she might desire

So much I may not understand

of mother natures varied hand

but snuggled up in my duvet

I lay in awe of her display.


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