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Creation and Criticism

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(A Quarterly International Peer-reviewed Refereed e-Journal

Devoted to English Language and Literature)

Vol. 02, Issue 05 : April 2017

Five Poems of Konstantinos Spiliotis

Konstantinos Spiliotis, born in Nafplio, Greece, has a Bachelor in Landscaping and Plant Pathology and Master in Management & Technology. He has written poems, novels, plays and scripts. Some of them have been adapted for the theatre and cinema, by him. His works includes novels: Look At How The Sky Is Running, Cherry Tree Orchard and “#X”; plays: Thirteen Moons To Ithaca, The Arrow Of Panacea-Asclepius, God Of Medicine and Look At How The Sky Is Running” (adaptation from the novel); collections of poems: Flutterings of Passion, Wishes, Musical Notes, Rejection of The Senses, Wiseacre and Cannibalistic Lovers; Movie Scripts: The Silence, Cardamom And Stardust (adaptation from the novel Look At How The Sky Is Running). He is a full member of the Panhellenic Union of Philologist writers and his work is under the auspices of the Argolis Club for UNESCO. He is currently Artistic Director at the Cultural & Entertainment Company “Proskinio”. He can be contacted at


1. The Secret


If you can keep a secret, bear this in mind:

The night when the stars and your passion

gave me magic,

I cursed you to love me,

unconditionally, truly.


When you tore my heart up with a glance
I have your sent on my hands
but upon my lips loneliness lies
and on my body your invisible touch.

Thus, I cursed you to love me,

devoutly, eternally.


To be your thought, every single moment scarred by time,
To be like a Godly image in your eyes.
My passion to dance within your body like fire
whose flames caress the boundaries of the sky.


Your mind flooded by the worship
that I live in my dreams.
Your mouth never abandoned by my taste.
Your lips to be dry and only find the freshness  on mine.
And you never lack the warmth of my embrace.

To give you pleasure, to be your every pleasure
and the breath of your body. 
The cry of your excitation,

the ultimate orgasm.

And this, for I cursed you to love me,
sensually, tyrannically.


Whenever you listen to nostalgic songs
you will feel my hand caressing your hair.
And when the dusk is fragrant from lilac blossoms

You will be contemplating my eyes, like before.


I shall be the air entering you existence for a lifetime.
I shall be the ground you step on, the trees, the water.
And only in this way will your world be beautiful
for I am the mother’s embrace and you are the infant.
For you have already cursed me to love you.


2. The Fragrance


I will not tell you, my beloved,

that your sweet expression

conquers me like a sonnet from the sea.

Nor that your kiss caresses me

like the breath of an August breeze.

But I will put the green sky of my eyes on your lips

and in your heart.


Do you remember that glance?

You wanted to know the secret of life.

You wanted me to open the moon flower

and pour its honeyed perfume

on your  breast like a ray of light.


Do you remember that fervent night?

A night that never lingers in mind

but descends the heart,

either like a song

or a beam of light.

Do you remember that glance?

Never let it bare

for it lives on secrets.


3. Sirens


I travel within you.

It is the caress of night

which is spread with the fragrance from your white hands

on my naked body, like a wave.


Through the shell of my heart

the words of secret lovers hiss 

and they sound like the essence of sweet black wine

into an ocean of fatal passion.


But the moment the sirens of my fear sing to me

I don’t want to hear their unfair calling

in the fiery ship of the sun

for a dawn of heartbreak.


Feel the journey of the night!

A night brighter than day, 

more intoxicating than black wine,

purer than a shell.

You travel within me.


4. Satellite


I moved in orbit around your world

so that I could discern

your inner yearning.


I travelled in the infinity of your body

so that I could claim its secret geography

for myself.


I became familiar with the power

of your under-ordeal soul

that hurt by the “must” of the “fate people”

spat blood with dignity.



I wished for you to have gravity like the Earth

to pull me within your earthly expectations

and may I directly come under the laws of your wear.


5. Sea of Kisses


I won't cry for another dying love

for, this time,

the taste of you remains strong

as our distance grows.


I won't think about a restless past

for your saltwater kisses

are pouring out

straight into the sea of my heart.


What is happening to us

is something people call utopia.

A pure love, full of dangerous passion,

dangerous as the hell of their useless life.


I’ve seen it on the screen of your dreams:

our bodies as one

somewhere in the future, somewhere in music,

longing for perfection,

though our distance grows.



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