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Creation and Criticism

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Vol. 02, Issue 05 : April 2017

Five Poems of Małgorzata Skałbania

Małgorzata Skałbania, born in 1965 in Tychy, Silesia in Poland, is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow and intern in the Academy of Fine Arts in Kampen, the Netherlands. She has published one of two her dramas: Golej divi-divi”; three books of poetry: Accretion ("naleciałości"), Der Schmutztitel ("szmuctytuł") and ćwirko. She lives in Lublin, Poland, where she works as a upholsterer. She can be contacted at


1. How to Live


Written on a piece of old cardboard overhead of cashier

fuck the theater

on the window

called several companies

for cleaning inscriptions difficult to take off

letters entered into glass.


2. Do Not Repeat Yourself



an acoustic wave reflected from an obstacle

an obstacle was the rock audience

(for twenty thousand people)

completely empty.

I have entered the arena by a narrow tunnel

walls were damp despite a fine day

in the sun

a modest spectacle

screaming of Italian scouts

eco, eco, eco.


3. After Eavy Water


Catching soft

an epic river poem of a few hundred hexameters

decimus magnus ausonius

we have made a big step

we know nothing about a water structure

this here mosella

it is like a snake with heart of stone

maybe it has the memory

our heads are full of water

riverbed road pater oceanus and edge

a miracle of lack.


4. A Chimney


A balaclava helmet

lies in cracow's market

a gadget of catholic world youth day

you can put it on the head as do modern Muslim

to protect your throat

to cover the entire face

or half

to leave a strange

in peace.


5. Essential English


Related words


two pen drawings

running hares alive

hinging by the hind legs dead







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