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Creation and Criticism

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(A Quarterly International Peer-reviewed Refereed e-Journal

Devoted to English Language and Literature)

Vol. 06, Joint Issue 22 & 23: July-Oct 2021


A Companion to Assistant Professor Released

Arun Kumar Yadav & Beena Yadav. A Companion to Assistant Professor (English) Examinations. Bareilly:  Prakash Book Depot, 2021. Pp. 344. Price: Rs. 500/- (Paperback). ISBN: ‎ 978-9391984007


The book contains MCQs on the entire syllabus prescribed by both UPHESC Prayagraj and UP-PSC Prayagraj for the examinations conducted by them to select candidates for the post of Assistant Professor in the subject English for the colleges affiliated to U.P. State Universities. According to the prescribed syllabus, the book is divided into ten units:


Unit I  :           Literature and Society

Unit 2  :           British Drama

Unit 3  :           British Prose and Fiction

Unit 4  :           British Poetry 

Unit 5  :           Literary Criticism       

Unit 6  :           Literary Theory          

Unit 7  :           American Literature   

Unit 8  :           Indian Literature in English   

Unit 9  :           Linguistics      

Unit 10:           New Literatures in English    


Appendix 1 :           Literary Periods of English Literature and Literary Chronology      

Appendix 2 :           Model Papers 

Appendix 3 :           Examination Papers


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