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Creation and Criticism

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(A Quarterly International Peer-reviewed Refereed e-Journal

Devoted to English Language and Literature)

Vol. 05, Joint Issue 16 & 17 : Jan-April 2020


Only and Other Poems — R. M. Prabhuling Shastry

R.M. Prabhuling Shastry (b. 1960) has nine anthologies of poetry titled, (1996), Self (2001), The State (2007), What Is Beyond (2009), The Sport (2012), And! (2013), She (2015), Nothing from Nothing (2016) and The Being (2017), a collection of stories titled, Obligation (2017) and a drama titled, Vivekananda (The Voice of India) to his credit. He resides at H. No. 3-132, Balajinagar, Mahabubnagar-509001 and can also be contacted through e-mail:


1. Only


‘Only “I” do ‘Will’.

“I” man expect “I”

No other is there.


“I” ‘only’ do ‘Will’

“I” mean along with “I”

Others are there.


Those others are

From ‘Will’ which isn’t

Other than ‘only’ “I.”


“I” do ‘only’ ‘Will’.

“I” mean “I” amn’t the doer

Like others who do ‘Many’.


Those doer of ‘Many’

Envisage themselves ever

As they aren’t “I” but “I”.


“I” do ‘Will’ ‘Only’.

“I” mean “I” don’t do any others

Which doings are form ‘Will’.


‘Only’ qualifies “I” and ‘Will’

But ‘Will’ is done for all doers

Who couldn’t do ‘Will’ ever.


2. Amphibious



Is it the Thing?

Is it the Energy?

Is it the Matter?


Which is a letter in Alphabet

In shape but in sound that too

As a vowel which makes sense.


Which is a figure in Number

That gets value when that

Figure is placed in that Number.


Which is in both Tongue and Sum

That coin the language which is a

Means of ideology of “i” to learn “I”.


While ‘i’ dream ‘i’ as ‘i’ only but not “I”

Then as item would seem as many

To be quantified and fancied as real.


When ‘i’ could learn ‘i’ as only “I”

Then as “I”, “I” could be as “ZERO”

Who would be and do Nothing.


3. No is No


In true, “No” isn’t there.

‘No’ is an adjective only.

Which qualifies, that never

Be a thing to be an object.


In fact, ‘NOT’ isn’t there.

‘NOT’ is an adverb only

Which authorizes, that never

Be a maker to enact the act.


In reality, “NEITHER” isn’t there.

‘NEITHER’ is a conjunction only

Which does unite, that never

Be an annexure towed any;


Also is a pronoun only

Which does instead, that never

Be a does to do its own choice;


As well is an adjective only

Which modifies, that never

Be a point to be aimed at;


Likewise is an adverse only

Which empowers, that never

Be a performer that executes.


In actuality, ‘NOR’ isn’t there.

‘NOR’ is an adjective barely

Which couples, that never

Be confederate to append.


Sincerely, ‘NOTHING’  there.

‘NOTHING’ is only the Noun.

Who is the subject forever,

To bring out all and intake them?


4. Word


It must have the meaning

Which can be as an idea

Could be understood and

Would wrap one up in toto.


That, which is as an idea,

Wouldn’t be mingled with

One but strike that one as

Its choice but not at that

Hour when one is in need.


That, which is understood

To one, would ever be with

One but spontaneously isn’t

Struck one after some attempt

Must be done as what it is for.


That, which wraps one up in

Toto, would replace one at all

Times so that one ventilates

Anything at anywhere at any

Time without bashfulness.


So only one did not know and

Has not learnt the Word but is

Observing the Practice to be as

That One who could envision

The Word which “Itself am “I”

Who am Only the single lettered Word

Which hasn’t any at any sides.


5. Mirror 


Man would be One who woos Woman.

'i' would be both who have ignored "I", so 'i'.

Resultant, 'i' am a man and a woman.

Returning to be "I" again both do and behave.

Over and over both ever make efforts to be "I".

Rarely learn and ignore that as 'i' and 'i' am "I".



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