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Vol. 07, Joint Issue 24 & 25: Jan-April 2022

Ancient Wisdom

The Mighty Sons of Diti

PCK Prem


Sage Vedavyasa is unhappy because his son Sri Suka has left him alone to live as a recluse sans any initiation. Trees tell him on enquiry that Suka is one with the Universal Spirit. In a great congregation of holy men at Naimisharanya (a forest), holy man Saunaka asks Suta to tell about Sri Krishna and his exploits that help get rid of sins of man on earth that dispel darkness and ignorance of Kali Yuga.  Then, Sri Suka spoke (to Pariksita) eloquently about the Srimad, which destroys fears and sins and purifies man.  Sri Suka had learnt about the holy knowledge and wisdom from Supreme Brahma. Earlier, sages Sanaka and brothers narrated the sacred tale to celestial sage Narada, who had heard it from Brahma… 


Srimad Bhagavata Mahapurana teaches the essence of life and existence. Truth and righteousness enhance dignity of man even as the Supreme Lord descends on Earth to disseminate message of dharma.  A colossal Holy Scripture of Hindus it is, who love man and humankind, the real dharma if a modern man goes into its ancient, true and original import and quintessence.


Concise depiction rather interpretative rendering into simple English of the significant tales from the scripture with logical linkages that expound the spirit behind the message of the Lord, the creator of the world, the eternal, omniscient and the invisible force is the objective.


The tales are ancient but are still contemporary as these depict modern man’s anxieties and tell that he has still to learn more about Dharma –a life of love, compassion, wisdom, knowledge, truth and righteousness. It is better to leave it to the lover of Holy book to understand the core message if it is possible, for he is the image of God! Is it possible? Yes, possible it is only if ‘man’ loves ‘man’.           


The birth of evil forces means an invitation to an imminent catastrophe of untold sufferings to the heavenly souls and created beings. The earth, the sky and the heavens were witnesses to the colossal disruptions and calamities. Chaotic situations, deaths, ruin, carnage and misfortunes caused worries to living beings and none saw any hope. Living beings were frightened, the entire earth trembled, and the mountains and the four directions faced inevitable chaos. Meteors, comets and thunderbolts instilled fears, created terrible noise, and the nerve-shaking premonitions gave indications of difficult times ahead. None was able to avert the crisis and even Diti the holy consort of sage Kasyapa was extremely disillusioned, for she was unable to control the terrific events created beings were to confront in future because the birth of the mighty Daityas Hiranyakasipu and Hiranyaksa was foreseeable because of the curse. Therefore, Brahma naturally assigned definite time for the birth. This disturbed the gods of heavens. Providence designed future pattern for the created beings and so, they were certainly to witness the terrific effects of the disaster.


It was an age of extermination and devastation and of survival, renaissance and resurgence, and about the awe-inspiring happenings. However, the created beings were ignorant. These were times of the fall of the great porters and attendants of Vishnu, Jaya and Vijaya and the rebirth. Supreme Lord, Sanaka, monks and a few celestial souls witnessed the amazing event but appeared uninformed. Hiranyakasipu and Hiranyaksa symbolize fanatical, absurd and obsessive desires to possess everything in the world because they were mighty, powerful, and knew that none could vanquish them since they enjoyed the blessings and boon of Supreme lord.


However, it did not happen. The Mighty sons of Diti possessed tremendous power but fanatic and hysterical wish to control all the worlds brought misfortunes and ultimate death. Even the immense power of tapa and penance of sage Kasyapa failed to save his mighty sons.


Probable birth of the sons of sage Kasyapa caused uproar and panic among the gods because they were aware of Kasyapa’s curse and its dangerous affect. Diti (the sage’s wife) was equally worried since the sage did not agree to the neurotic thoughts and passions she nursed at the time of union, and never wanted to give birth to sons, who were destined to create horror and anarchism in the celestial worlds and, therefore, kept the sage’s seed in the womb for many years. Nevertheless, curse proved true despite Diti’s unwillingness. Brahma, the supreme Creator never annoyed his devotees.


 If a devotee or a monk said anything out of love, compassion, and anger, he expected Brahma to fulfill subtle designs. Assured of safety, all the gods returned to heaven.


Diti was apprehensive about the birth of sons and the terrible exploits of sons in future and, therefore, was nervous and scared of sufferings sons were to cause to the creation and the gods of heavens. She faced a delicate situation. No one, not even the Supreme Lord was strong enough to nullify the impact of curse. However, a positive aspect in the lives of yet to be born sons raised hopes and encouraging certainties. She was happy that the death of demons (daitya sons) was destined to materialise at the hands of the Supreme Lord. Until then, she was prepared to face truths and realities with equanimity.


 After one hundred years, Diti gave birth to twins in the hermitage of sage Kasyapa. Many portentous and fearsome events took place in the three worlds at the time of birth. The sage’s words proved correct as the earth, the sky and the heavens experienced colossal upheavals. Lethal calamities became certainties as predicted. The space between the earth and heaven was disturbed, and it witnessed chaotic situations everywhere. Deaths, destruction, killings and calamities worried and tortured people without hope of peace. Living beings were fearful, the entire earth trembled and the mountains and the four directions seemed to be on fire. At many places, meteors, comets and thunderbolts instilled fears, created terrible noise, and the nerve-shaking premonitions signaled painful times ahead.


Sage Kasyapa and pious Diti failed to hide what was destined to come about – a truth of birth and the consequent disastrous outcome. Diti knew that the gods and the goddesses would undergo immense and inevitable sufferings sans remedy. Failure to avert devastating situation drove Diti to feelings of guilt and sin. Intense passions   disturbed Diti and she sought sage’s love but never waited for an auspicious moment Kasyapa had preferred, and therefore, shattering, heartrending and frenzied conditions visited gods and the three worlds.

None can avoid the writ of the Supreme Lord, people believe. He decides and fulfills the dictates of truth. The gods and the created beings obeyed she realised. The dreadful strong winds created fearful hissing sounds, fiendish strength uprooted trees and destroyed everything as if a huge army of strong winds and clouds of dust had attacked. Darkness, times of ironic laugh and forewarnings of evil times, infused terror. Horrifying times greeted the birth of twins. Nothing appeared unruffled. The roaring waves of vast oceans howled and wailed around as grief and sorrow overpowered. The rivers and lakes were disturbed, and living beings of water residing in the innards ran about in fright and panic. All these ominous signs cause vagueness, argument and violent situation.


Misty nimbuses around the sun, the moon and various radiant heavenly objects appeared to eclipse the planets and caused darkness. The sea cried in pain as the living beings of water felt choked like the deeply suffering men. An awful scenario distressed as foxes and owls howled, roared and instilled fears. At times, the flames of raging fire emerged out of the mouths of foxes. Dogs wept, sang and danced and portents of evil times created upsetting firmness. Incidents unheard took place. The birds, the animals and the men lost moorings, behaved oddly and looked hideous.


Times were dangerous and doubtful. The birds flying out of the nests told of awful life ahead as asses bayed and brayed scarily while the cows and the bulls urinated out of fears. Blood dripped out of the udders of cows out of dread and the rain of pus and muck baffled everybody. Figurines of the gods and the goddesses wept and tears flowed incessantly. The portentous Mars and Saturn appeared terrifying, eager to defeat and render ineffective benign nature of Mercury and Jupiter, and Venus adopted a retrograde and uncongenial path causing astringent and deadly conflict.


The strange and inauspicious times created fears of death and annihilation.  Brahma assigned the time and age for giving birth to the mighty sons of sage Kasyapa and Diti. The age was destined to witness the consequence of a terrific curse when it was to materialise. It was a period of upheavals and destruction. It was also an epoch of extinction and resurrection. It was a word of prophesy and it was a truth of birth and death. All living beings and the sons of the Supreme lord were unaware. Only the Supreme Lord, sage Sanaka, brother-monks and some celestial souls noticed the fall of Jaya and Vijaya (the porters of lord Vishnu) from Vaikuntha, and the rebirth as sons of Diti but they showed ignorance even at the sad and ominous dissolution of universe.


The powerful sons of Diti revealed terrible prowess of strong bodies, and soon grew into mountain-like huge size. When they wore crowns on the heads, the crests touched sky. The bodies were large and huge and shadowed the four directions completely. Strong and huge arms adorned with the golden bracelets, dazzled eyes.  Each step they put forward created tremor and the whole earth shivered as if were a seismic activity. When they observed the brilliance of bracelet of waists, it eclipsed even the sheen of sun. Ditti and sage Kasyapa gave slightly different names to the legendary sons – Hiranyakasipu and Hiranyaksa and thus, they were the earliest daityas on earth.


The Supreme Brahma blessed Hiranyakasipu when he meditated on the lord for ages. Deep penance and devotion delighted the Supreme Lord, who blessed Daitya Hiranyakasipu with a boon of immortality. Now, he was immortal. Free from the fears of death, he felt immensely flattered. Ego, hunger for more, and self-pride did not allow him to sit. He decided and very soon with fear-provoking power and army brought the three worlds, all regions, the other worlds and the directions under control of a vast empire. He governed the earth, the heavens and the subterranean regions. He loved younger Hiranyaksa tremendously and therefore, the younger brother was always ready to obey and please the elder Hiranyakasipu. Hiranyaksa was very fond of war and enjoyed fighting. Once, he went up to the heaven with a mighty mace in search of a powerful rival.


He advanced toward the land of gods with terrible speed, force, army and noisy roars, and it was hard for anyone to defy. The awful march of a ferocious foe disturbed everybody. Huge golden anklets tinkling around and tremour creating feet instilled fears. A glittering garland Vaijayanti adorned the demon’s neck and chest. A sign of pre-decided victory it was. To instill fears in the heart of enemy, he held a massive mace on broad shoulders. The strength of body and mind, and the grant of immortality increased ego and pride and therefore, he felt puffed up, mad, did not fear anyone, found no opponent, and therefore, a dreadful march of army with drumbeats appeared strident. As years rolled on, he was more unrestrained and drunk with wild fervor and appetite for more.


The noisy and earthshaking march of ghastly daitya Hiranyaksa, the son of Diti, filled gods with fear and panic. They ran and hid at a safe place as if poisonous snakes rushing to holes on seeing Garuda, the lord of birds. The gods vanished even before Hiranyaksa demonstrated might. He was furious, he roared and thundered, for he did not find gods and the lord of gods Indra anywhere near the battlefield. Pride, ego and arrogance raised ambitions and he was blind to reasons and justice. He returned victorious without a war and like a hysterically angry elephant with a huge army, he dived deep into the stormy, roaring and thundering waves of the sea.


As soon as he entered the deep ocean, aquatic creatures constituting the soldiers of Varuna, the lord of water were terrified and puzzled as they noticed an unknown enemy. The aquatic creatures realised the fierce grandeur and authority of Hiranyaksa and ran away out of fear and consternation.


He continued to wander around the ocean for thousands of years but did not get a suitable adversary to confront and fight. He was mad and agitated and in desperation, Hiranyaksa smote the massive waves with the dreadful mace that tossed about as strong winds gained strength menacingly and moved ahead with velocity for many years before reaching Vibhavari. He saw Varuna, the lord and the guardian of underworld (the abode of demons, the subterranean world) and the lord of the aquatic region.


He laughed cynically and later on, fell at the feet of Varuna, smiled and said, “O lord, I beg, and as alms you offer …war.” A strange and preposterous thought bewildered Varuna.


Hiranyaksa stopped for a while and said, “O Supreme lord, you are a mighty protector, the king of the whole region and a ruler of great prominence. You vanquished demons and the evil spirits of the world, established authority and performed a Yajna.” He eulogized but the demon’s praise was false and ironic.


He spoke of the greatness of Varuna but Varuna realised that respect was ironical and outlandish. Varuna was infuriated at the disdainful words of the demon, who he knew spoke out of ego, conceit and pride. Still Varuna apparently kept cool.


He thought, looked at him and said softly, “Dear brother, I do not like war… no interest in violent acts, and I wish to live in peace and also I resist the temptation of hostility and battle. What do you get in a fight?” He tried to pacify. For a long time, Varuna impressed upon the demon to realize the futility of war but the demon appeared unconvinced. Lord Varuna argued and told Hiranyaksa of the futility of war.


Varuna was conscious of the evil intents of a terrific warrior.


He said, “I do not see anyone else equal to you in competence and might other than the ancient Supreme Person (lord Vishnu). Only he can offer a strong fight and I understand, you will get satisfaction, for the Supreme can give a decent fight. Therefore, O mighty warrior, you go to Vishnu, a great warrior and he will fulfill your long cherished desire. You reach Vaikuntha and your conceit and immodesty will meet good burial, and so, you sleep eternally as dogs surround you. He destroys the wicked and the arrogant, and protects the virtuous and, thereafter, blesses noble souls, who spread the principles of dharma.”


Varuna cajoled and tried to open Hiranyaksa’s eyes to the act of superciliousness and iniquity. He also warned as he spoke of perfect munificence of the lord’s supreme power.


Hiranyaksa listened to the pleasing counsel of Varuna, the water lord, and was immensely delighted but failed to recognise the lord’s hidden wisdom. The demon’s haughty and conceited temper only enhanced ego and, therefore, eagerly wanted to challenge the Supreme Lord. Varuna’s advice did not affect and therefore, death and destruction waited for the demon, and deliberately, he kept away from the eternal truth.


The mighty Daitya learnt about the abode of Sri Hari from sage Narada and at once, speedily started a march with a huge fierce army to the depths of ocean. Soon, he noticed the conqueror of universe lord Varaha (the divine Boar), who lifted and carried the whole earth on ends of mighty tusks and went up. The lord looked at the demon and as if deprived the great Hiranyaksa of daze and luster of his reddish eyes.


Hiranyaksa was an inveterate egoist, wild, unwise and ferocious. He did not recognise the Almighty in the guise of Varaha (the divine Boar). He looked at the gigantic Varaha (Boar, the divine power), burst into a hearty laugh and said, “O an amphibious beast, it is unusual. How did you come?”


He thought and said again, “You fool, come to me and leave the earth. The Supreme Creator of the universe entrusted the safety of inhabitants of the underworld (Rasatala) to me, O vile god in the guise of a Boar. You exercise delusory power and take different forms, then subjugate and kill demons. It appears the gods of heavens and the enemies of Daityas specially delegated to you the powers so that you finish immortal Raksasas. You exercise Yoga Maya (the delusory and illusory powers) you attained through the yogic practice. You are deceptive, and remain invisible. It is not a correct way to kill. Today, I shall fight and destroy you, and afterward, protect relations and liberate living beings from sufferings, grief and sorrows. A terrible strike of mace will break the skull into fragments and you will die. The sages and the gods, who worship you, will fall like rootless trees. I will defeat you, and thereafter, the created beings will worship me and obey what I say. ” He reiterated.


Hiranyaksa’s offensive utterances pierced the body of holy Boar (the lord), who bore weight of the earth and suffered pain, and was aware of the fears and dread stalking the world he held on the pointed corners of the strong teeth. The earth was scared but soon he had emerged out of the depth of water like a strong elephant, and at that moment, an alligator had attacked its female cohorts furiously. The lord recalled a gruesome incident of past. The lord, the divine Boar did not think right to answer a difficult demon and so, he came out. The terrible Daitya (demon) of yellow hair and razor-sharp jaws gave a chase to the lord, who roared, thundered and like an alligator hunted for the elephant.


He said loudly, “O big animal, are you not ashamed of running away? You do not wish to fight it appears. True, you, an unabashed wretched find no reproachful work.” Hiranyaksa said violently and tried hard to provoke. The Supreme Lord thought better to get ready confront Hiranyaksa


The Supreme Lord positioned the great earth on the surface of water and then, transferred the power and energy so that the earth supports itself on the surface of water, and when the divine Boar had installed the earth properly, the Supreme Brahma, the Creator of the world, extolled lord’s divine virtues and praised gods. All showered buckets of flowers on the divine Boar. Hiranyaksa looked at everything happening before his eyes. Profuse acclaim, praise and eulogies not only made him jealous but also filled him with hatred and animosity because the mighty Boar, who he wanted to annihilate, stood fit and ready to fight.


The Supreme Lord or Person also called Sri Hari (Boar) observed what the terrible demon did. Sri Hari lifted a huge mace and looked back at Hiranyaksa. Armoured, bejeweled and wearing gold ornaments, the mighty daitya uttered harsh and repulsive words, hurt and chased again the lord without a pause or a brief halt.


The lord was angry but still he smiled and said, “O, poor wretch, you are correct. Indeed, we are the beasts of a jungle constantly in the look out of dogs (you). O evil spirit, the warriors do not notice ill-fated beings in the grip of strong cords of death but look vain and arrogant. Yes, I agree. I was afraid of your powerful mace. After stealing the heritage of Rasatala, the earth and casting away shame, I reached here. I do not have the courage and strength to oppose a strong man like you. I cannot fight a war. Even then, I stand before you, for I know I cannot go if you are angry. I cannot afford enmity with a great adversary. Where can I go?” The divine Boar (the lord) just offered adequate grounds to the daitya to get angry. The lord was satirical and a bit provocative, and so, he threw a subtle challenge to the reckless and foolish demon.  


He again said, “O, lord of the foot soldiers, give up the hitch or reservation if any and overpower. Wipe out tears of relations after you defeat and slaughter us, because O warrior, one does not deserve a seat in the gathering of noble people, if one fails to redeem a pledge.”


The Supreme Lord taunted and ridiculed faintly and at last, gave ample hints to Hiranyaksa to get up and fight if he wanted to make people happy. Now, the lord was angry and wanted daitya to make a move. It was an opportunity to seek amnesty.  Nevertheless, Hiranyaksa did not grasp the lord’s understated designs. Hiranyaksa waxed and enlarged ferociously like a serpent fondly wanting to dance and play on the soft or deafening sounds of rhythmical tunes.


In utter irritation and terrific frenzy, the mighty demon heaved, sighed deep and long and then, scoffed as unrestrained fury squeezed nerves and shattered patience, and so without waste of time, sprang upon the lord and dealt a severe blow with the mace. The lord leaned aside a little and avoided the brutal strike of the strong mace as if a yogi had evaded a lethal attack. Sri Hari was now enraged, and had realised that the earlier wise and warm counsel was an absolute waste.


Hiranyaksa was mad as power had turned him arrogant and so, was sure to meet death. Sri Hari was ready to strike. The demon as usual brandished mace and bit lips in anger and fury. They mortally struck each other with the huge maces, sustained injuries, and grew more furious and deadly with each deadly deafening strike of the maces. In excitement to vanquish, each endeavoured hard to employ lethal strategy, and therefore, deadly maneuvering continued to defeat each other.


In beastly exhibit of wildness, blood spilled out as armies clashed. Brahma and many sages arrived to witness the ferocity of the opposing armies. A great war between Hiranyaksa and the Supreme Spirit was devastating where the Creator in the guise of boar of deluding potency wanted to finish the brutal rule of Hiranyaksa. The real cause of war was a fanatical desire for the possession of earth safely situated on the surface of water, the Supreme Lord wanted to protect. Hiranyaksa was unbeatable, the Supreme Creator observed, who returned lethal strikes of the lord with equally ghastly strength and feral vehemence.


The great Brahma, the calm and gentle Supreme Spirit came near and spoke to the great lord, the first Boar softly, “Hiranyaksa underwent penance (tapa) for a long time and secured a boon from me and therefore, he causes nuisance, hostile environment and disturbance, and transgresses the limits of grace. He not only instills fears in the hearts and minds of gods and goddesses, Brahmins, cows and living beings, who seek refuge but also inflicts wounds unjustified on the celestial souls. Hiranyaksa, out of frenzy, ego and exaggerated pride went around the three worlds in search of an opponent equally aggressive, adept and skilled for a fight but nobody confronted, for he enjoys my blessings and boon.”


The Supreme Creator was clear and the suggestions were obvious that it was the right time to put an end to Hiranyaksa.


Brahma’s plea before the Supreme Lord (Boar) proved sane and wise. The Supreme Brahma further told that it was an opportune time and therefore, the Supreme Lord (Boar) should teach demon a lesson. It was inessential to play as if he were a child, who often played with the snakes, where he was skilful, wicked and brutal in conjuring up tricks. He pleaded that daitya no longer deserved mercy.


He told frankly, “Before he grows up and turns into a formidable force on the arrival of an auspicious moment, the lord must finish him with the power of Maya (the deluding divine powers).” The Boar listened to Brahma and realised gods’ sufferings.


Brahma told Sri Hari, “O lord, a disastrous and frightful hour of nightfall approaches. It will bring ruin if you let the demon fight unimpeded.” He said again to re-emphasize that perhaps the time to assert authority had arrived…


Brahma was aware of an imminent catastrophe. He said, “O Soul of the universe, please bless living beings. Before the calamity arrives, bring victory to the panic-stricken gods and created beings. It is an auspicious time (Abhijit). For the wellbeing of the gods, the goddesses and the living beings, the right time would finish soon that started at noontime. Therefore, O lord, created beings pray. Please get rid of a formidable enemy just now. It is the right hour. We are fortunate that Hiranyaksa turned up in search of an enemy, (you) a symbol of death. You ordained the demon’s death and therefore, exhibit divine strength and bring peace.”


Brahma exhorted Boar, the divine power. The lord heard, understood the miseries and sufferings of noble souls (men, animals, birds, nature, animate and inanimate beings, the sages, the celestial beings, the gods and the goddesses). Therefore, he resolved to put an end to the brutal dance of devastation of Hiranyaksa, a symbol of negative forces and demoniac energies that worked against peace, harmony and prosperity of created beings. Possibly, man today witnesses abundance of devils on earth sans scope for growth of noble forces.


The lord (Boar) listened to the nectar-like and modest request of the Supreme Creator. Refrain was clear, sweet and gentle. The lord smiled heartily, agreed, and threw a blissful divine glance. Without wasting time, the divine boar (who took birth from the nose of Brahma) pounced upon quickly and struck at the chin of mighty and fearless demon wandering around the world with an awesome divine mace. The mace of the lord slipped out and fell down swirling and dazzling. However, the demon behaved indifferently. He refused to hit back at the vulnerable enemy. It appeared quite amazing and miraculous. The demon got an opportunity to strike but he respected the laws of warfare, the principles of righteous war. The universal Lord stood unarmed and looked on.


The gods, the goddesses and various helpless created beings screamed loudly and created terrific noise and panic as the lord heartily acknowledged demon’s thoughts on dharma and righteousness. Will the modern man listen? He thought, invoked divine disc and it began to spin in the lord’s hand. The lord knew the truth of demon, a ferocious enemy, who was none other than an iniquitous son of Ditti. He was also a personal attendant (a porter) of Vishnu many ages back. Strange and wonderful are the ways of god. He knows the right time and place where to kill and exterminate evil. His justice is supreme. None can move a finger. The gods, the goddesses, the sages and many devotees witnessed a horrible scene of combat as strong enemies clashed fiercely.


They said loudly, “May victory bless. O lord, do not play, kill.” Instantly, a violent war begins


A brutal war began again. The demon did not accept defeat so soon and continued to hit unrelentingly and frequently. The lord asked him to hit back and thus, he continued to play with the demon. He smiled and kept infuriating a low-witted and egoistic fellow. A lighthearted and blithe combat was the real spirit of the lord the powerful demon failed to understand, and therefore, ignorance born of ego proved unfortunate. He felt humiliated as the lord frustrated the attempts to hurt and defeat him. The demon held trident with the glow of raging fire and rapacity as anger grew but failed to harm yajna-personified lord. The lord released the divine disc and tore demon’s trident into little fragments. The demon was vastly angry and again a furious fight began. Frustration and acrimony of the demon grew and hence, intense battle gained perilous scope.


Fierce winds blew and darkness spread around as dust overshadowed everything. The hurling of stones from various directions appeared terrific. The entire sky appeared overcast with thick dark clouds, hostile lightning and clamour. Dirty and hideous rain of pus, muck, filth, blood, faeces, wastewater, urine, bones and deadly omens created more terror, fear and frightening viciousness and violence  unimagined. People and celestial beings had never witnessed a bitter and brutal war earlier. Huge mountains holding lethal weapons struck even as the naked and ghastly-armed female demons attacked with tridents. Many soldiers on foot or on horses and elephants, and still more on chariots marched ahead, raised savage and raucous slogans and created terror. Yaksasas and Raksasas assisted and thus, the war took deadly form.


To dispel and destroy Mayajal (the delusory powers) of demons, the lord released the divine disc and it dispersed magical and delusory forces of demons. Those were moments of reckoning and a little remorse.


An abrupt shudder ran through the holy heart of Diti, the mother of Hiranyaksa. The anguish of mother was obvious. She experienced intense pain amidst eternal joy and pleasure. She considered it a matter of pleasure as liberation of the devil from evils appeared imminent. It was also a tragedy, for it was the death of a mighty son.


She recalled each word of sage husband Kasyapa, as blood began to flow from breasts. The lord destroyed the delusory and magic spells created around. Daitya Hiranyaksa rushed to crush him and took the lord in arms but failed to encircle. Then, it was time for the final deadly strikes. The lord hit Hiranyaksa furiously. His body started swinging and the eyeballs bulged out of the sockets, and immediately, he fell dead like a gigantic tree. Everyone observed arms, legs, hair and limbs of body in tiny pieces scattered all over the battlefield.


The Supreme Creator Brahma, the gods, the sages and the virtuous souls landed up at the battleground and observed glow and brilliance of the great daitya. Looking at the demon’s body in splinters, Brahma said, “Who could meet a blessed death?” Brahma knew the reality and truth of demons Hirayankasipu and Hiranyaksa, who attained an accursed life because of a severe curse of the sages in the land of lord Vishnu.


The Supreme Creator recalled past of the demons and said, “They would take birth in different Yonis, die and take birth again and finally, return to the divine abode (Vaikuntha) where they served as porters of Vishnu in earlier birth.”


Therefore, the Supreme Lord assumed the figure of a boar and rescued the earth from the clutches of a fearsome demon. Ultimately, truth and dharma vanquished the forces of untruth, violence and sin, and spread peace, love and harmony. It is not a simple tale of creation but it teaches man to adhere to the principles of dharma. If truth and righteousness govern the psyche of modern man, perhaps, the world would be a better place to live.


About the Author:


PCK Prem (PC Katoch Of Garh-Malkher, Palampur, Himachal, A Former Academician, Civil Servant And Member Himachal Public Service Commission, Shimla), an author of more than fifty-five books, is a poet, novelist, short story writer, translator and a critic in English and Hindi. Associated with several social/ literary organizations, he has brought out eleven volumes of poetry besides six books on criticism, four books on ancient literature, two on folk tales, six novels and three collections of short fiction. In Hindi, he authored twenty novels, nine books on short fiction and a collection of poems besides critical articles, reviews and critiques published in various national and international journals and anthologies. PCK Prem - Echoing Time and Civilizations 2015 and The Spirit of Age and Ideas (in the Novels of PCK Prem) in 2016 and Kathasagar of PCK Prem are books on him.



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