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Creation and Criticism

ISSN: 2455-9687  

(A Quarterly International Peer-reviewed Refereed e-Journal

Devoted to English Language and Literature)

Vol.04, Joint Issue 14 & 15 : July-Oct 2019

The Spirit and Other Poems — Devi Nangrani

Devi Nangrani, born in Karachi, Sindh in 1941, is a celebrated Sindhi, Hindi and English poet, writer and critic. Sindhi being her mother tongue, she started her write ups with Hindi Ghazal, and then to the translation of literary works from Sindhi to Hindi and vice versa. She has published 24 books, and her stories and articles have also appeared in various magazines and newspapers of national and international repute. She is a recipient of the NCPSL Award. She resides at USA- 480 W Surf Street, Elmhurst IL 60126 and can also be contacted at


1. The Spirit

For whose company does the soul descend?
On this earth in every birth?
And still leap from the hearth,
To the funeral pyre,
When the inner flame leaves the mortal frame?
Who comes here?
For whose company, who knows?
Yes! Knows he, only the “Nameless He”
‘Self born’ but never forlorn
Because of his Evolution, his Leela
Creates a wonderful revolution, his consort ‘Maya’.
The only company is ‘He’
The Eternal Symphony to all life.
The sixth sense is only to know
This sweet essence in this worldly strife
In fire or mire, on earth or heaven,
He is all in all.

2. The Lighthouse

The sunset
Of life is still ahead
The recceding rays
Of dusk still glow
For they are
The lighthouse of radiance
For the sinking vessels
Those come in this world
To come and go empty.

Awake Oh Soul!
While in the body
Radiate as the rays do
Create your own lighthouse
The powerhouse of radiance
That can be the guide
And the master indicator
To lead and follow without fear
To save the sinking vessel of this body.

3. Poetry

Poetry is a gift from God.
Specially for me to be with me
Never to be alone
Never to be lonely.
It is my friend for all times.
In joy or sorrow
Today and tomorrow.
In joy, it flies with me
Across the rainbow colors
Sailing on the ocean of light.
In sorrow, it sinks with me
In the depths of darkness.
And it is here, only here,
I find light in darkness.

I am never alone now,
For, poetry is with me.
It is my all time companion
My soul-mate like God.


4. Life


Life is a journey
From dawn to dusk
A journey of rise and fall
Of odd and even times
It is still a span of breaths
For some years, some moments
May be only this moment!

This unit of life
Is our treasure!
So treasure it every moment
as a miser does his wealth
To make life worthy!


5. Feelings


In a short span of breaths
Why feel…
A feeling of incompleteness
A passion to want more and more
To the very end of limitless boundary of time.

Not knowing–
How much land does a man need
When breathing from sunrise to sunset
A limited span in the timeless zone
A moment of lifetime.


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