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Creation and Criticism

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(A Quarterly International Peer-reviewed Refereed e-Journal

Devoted to English Language and Literature)

Vol. 06, Joint Issue 22 & 23: July-Oct 2021


True Love and Other Poems — Arti Kumari

Dr Arti Kumari (b. 1977), a bilingual poet (Hindi and English), is a teacher in Govt. Senior Secondary School Brahmpura, Muzaffarpur, Bihar, India. She has one book of hindi poems- 'Dhadkanon ka Sangeet' to her credit. She resides at Azad colony, Road 3, Maripur, Muzaffarpur, Bihar-842001 and can also be contacted at


1. True Love


Every human heart wants love and peace

In this world where people are selfish

Desire fir the true love is not a crime

It is beyond the feeling of yours or mine

It happened in just no time

Unable to explain even a single line


True love is not so easy to find

Whether you wander in cloud or sunshine

Meaning of true love is still the same

It is an unsolved puzzle for brain

There is no calculation for loss or gain

One has to face the hurdle and pain


It asks the selfless love for the one

The love that is spiritual with no condition

It is the name of devotion and sacrifice

It is the game of giving and being crucified

Let someone special knock at your door

Be ready to accept what life has in store


Just melt like an ice disappear like a drop

Just be of someone and experience pure love


2. Memories


I have captured

Every impression of yours

in words

Your radiant face, glittering eyes,

 sharp nose, dimpled smile,

affectionate words, tender touch,

sympathetic look, caring attitude,

exciting events, sensuous situations..

So that whenever, I feel utterly alone

I may easily go to them

and experience your whole

without any moral or social barrier

 or guilt

I have admired you more than love

And would not let you fade away

From my memories..

You have to come in my dreams

Whenever I call you.

To give me moral and emotional support

To make me strong and

 boast me to start a new fresh life..

You can't escape from me.!


3. Feel and Enjoy



On the tune of my life


with the rhythm of my breath

O dear! sing the song

full of melody and mirth

Step forward in the journey of love.


Hey ho! Life is a joy.

Hey ho! Feel and enjoy.


Hold my hand

and shiver with me

Fill my heart

with the honey of your lips

Pour your sparkling laughter

deep into my ear

Melt in my soul

like a soft butter.


Hey ho! Life is a joy

Hey ho! Feel and  enjoy.


Make my life

musical and smooth

Dance with me

on the floor of moon

Spread your fragrance

and stretch like a rainbow

Embrace me

and stir my whole .


Hey ho! Life is a joy

Hey ho! Feel and enjoy.


4. Break the Silence


O dear can you please explain me

What this deafening noise is all about

Bearing hatred in one's heart

Everyone is shouting for his own reasons

Someone is pleading for the safety of the cows

Others are objecting on the sounds of

Coming from the temples and the mosques

The farmers are committing suicides

The girls are being raped and are forced to die

O dear this is a tough time and

At this time of chaos you break your silence

And write beautiful love poems

Which could make rge people more sensitive

Which could awake their consciousness

You dont afraid of tgese cruel masters

That they will suppress your voice

That they will burn your love creations

That they will torture you for enlightening the society

You sing the song oflove

Compose the music of humanity.


5. Peace


Peace is not a word

but a gesture to divine

It exists in the heart

and the whole shines


Peace isn't just a talk

it's a key to unlock

The lock of ignorance

the lock of violence


It gives mind a state

to conquer the fate

To remain satisfied

in all bitter tide


Peace is the hope

a strength to cope

In all the adversity

rely on humanity


Let's come have peace

With all love and ease.



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