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Creation and Criticism

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(A Quarterly International Peer-reviewed Refereed e-Journal

Devoted to English Language and Literature)

Vol. 07, Joint Issue 26 & 27: July-Oct 2022


What If and Other Poems by SL Peeran

S L Peeran (b 1950) has completed seventeen volumes of poems in English. He resides at: Peerans Residence, 868, 25th Main HSR Lay out Sector-1, Bengaluru-560102 and can also be reached at 


1. What if …


What if Chengise Khan, Ghazni, Ghori

All tyrants rise again from their graves?

What if our doors and our borders break?

On their face, might and power.


What if Mao Zedong; Stalin wake up?

And make poor and depressed revolt

Against the mighty, rich, and powerful.

How will the powers that be defend themselves?


What if mighty gods and Avatars

Make their presence suddenly

With their miracles and spirituality

How will the sinners conduct themselves?


What if Jesus resurrects again?

And breaks the taboos associated with him?

Removes all his statues and photos

Turns the minds of hedonist to humility.


O Lord! Let them rise to reign again!

To save man from destruction and loss!


2. Love As A Flowing Spring


I have with me not an Aladdin lamp

But a basket which can hold

The pains and sufferings of all the sufferers.

I call them to my fold to embrace me.

Receive as much love they have lost.

I am not a holder of Jinni but love.

Love flows like Ganges in my being

Like Jesus suffering for the humanity.

Prophet of Islam united entire Mankind

Filled their hearts with compassion,

Kindness, unity and brotherhood.

Love flowed from Madina.

For widows, orphans, destitute

Come, come my heart is open,

For one and all for uniting the hearts

In a chain and be one in a Rosary

For recitation and Zikr for possessing

In our bosom only love and love alone.

Let us shun all things other than love

Love and love alone is the remedy.


3. Silence To Reach Glory


Silence is the pathway to reach glory

A sword to cut the monkey mind;

To slowly and steadily capture the animal soul.

Silence subdues the inner unruly self.

Watch everything around, every action

Of humanity but remain silent sans action.

Calmness and tranquility leads to ‘Nirvana’.

Nothing should shake the mind and heart.

The Divine Self should shake the mind and heart.

To let out compassion and ‘Karuna’

To the suffering souls without light of wisdom.

Emptiness is too painful, but not silence.

Buddha, Mahavira, Yogis, fakirs, Saints

Are absolute silent in meditation,

For days, months, years, decades.

Like Meher Baba, Waris Ali Baba.

Mind is the mischievous devilish self

To corrode the heart to make it hard.


4. How To Meet My Master?


Divine resides in Silence

Empty your head

Sit in total silence

Concentrate on your breath

Slowly inhale, exhale

Close your eyes

And see the Divine,

His aroma all around you.


5. Sun’s Rays


Today the morning Sun shining bright

Throwing its silvery rays

On the Ganges holy river.


The water is shining pure

The holy men, the ardent

Devotees, yogis, sants, sick people

Come from far and wide for a holy dip.

Ganges Ma cleanses their inner souls,

Purifies them for Holy Communion.


Bharat, the glorious Sun, shining white

Looking from above showering grace.

It reaches every nook and corner

On the benign earth, on men, animals, trees

Nourishing each and every one for blessed life.


O Surya the god with million myths

Open my heart to receive your glittering shine.



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