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New Book: Navgeet Vangmay by Abnish Singh Chauhan

navgeet-vangmay-by-dr-abnish-chauhan-1Title: Navgeet Vangmay


Editor: Abnish Singh Chauhan

Publication Year: 2021

Page: 174

Price: Rs. 200/- (After Discount)

Language: Hindi

Publisher: Authorspress

Q2-A, Hauz Khas Enclave

New Delhi- 110016 (India)

ISBN: 978-93-5529-004-5


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About the Book


From time to time, the dedicated editors along with the enlightened navgeet poets (neo-lyricists) have tried their best to expand the global consciousness of navgeet (neo-lyric)— the modern version of geet (lyric) in Hindi language, for the purpose of disseminating knowledge and wisdom to the receptive and perceptive society of the world. One such effort can be seen in the form of this edited book— 'Navgeet Vangmay' (नवगीत वाङ्मय), whose 'Samarambh' (the beginning) section contains brief introductions of three founder navgeet poets— Shambhunath Singh, Shivbahadur Singh Bhadauria, Rajendra Prasad Singh with their intelligible comments on navgeet and their three navgeet on various themes; whose 'Navrang' (nine-colours) section comprises brief introductions of nine prominent contemporary navgeet poets— Gulab Singh, Mayank Srivastava, Shanti Suman, Ram Sengar, Nachiketa, Virendra Astik, Buddhinath Mishra, Vinay Bhadauria and Ramakant) with their lucid comments on navgeet and their nine navgeet on multiple themes; whose 'Ath-bodh' (erudition) section includes a prudent article, taken from Dinesh Singh's 'Naya-Purane' magazine (geet issue-5, 1999); whose ‘Sakshatkar’ (interview) section covers a noteworthy conversation of Madhusudan Saha with Abnish Singh Chauhan; and whose ‘Parshisht’ (Appendix) section encloses the first lines of navgeet with page numbers and names and addresses of navgeet poets for giving a pretty picture of this form of Hindi literature. In this regard, Dr. Vimal (Former Prof. and Head, Dept. of Hindi, Vardhman University, Vardhman, W.B.) considerately remarks— "Due to my constant association with the great masters of the art of editing, I am writing here with authority that the editing technique used in the book— ‘Navgeet Vangmay’ edited by Dr Abnish Singh Chauhan, is actually touching the pinnacle. Due to this skill in the captivating presentation of each aspect of the book (selection of navgeet poets, navgeet, comments, an article, an interview etc.), it is not only commendable but also exemplary. Hence, let me express my heartiest congratulations to the editor for his proficiency in the art of selecting and editing literary contents of Navgeet Vangmay.”


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